How to fast charge iPad Mini 5

Apple silently released the 5th generation of iPad mini earlier this month, it’s equipped with the powerful A12 Bionic chip, a 7.9-inch retina display with true tone. Moreover, you can use Apple pencil on it, it seems that it has integrated the new iPad features as many as possible. However, as a charging enthusiast, I care moreContinue reading “How to fast charge iPad Mini 5”

The Best USB-C Phones in 2018

The Christmas is in the corner which represents the end of the year. The show of smartphone 2018 has already ended since big names like HUAWEI, Apple, Samsung and Pixel released their new generations in the second half year. No matter for people who are looking for a new phone or fans of electrical gadgets,Continue reading “The Best USB-C Phones in 2018”

Best Power Bank 20000 mAh – best portable charger to keep your devices alive

If your phone and other gadgets often die and need several recharges a day, you definitely need a sufficient power bank to keep them alive and get away from low battery warning anxiety. Nowadays the flagship phones are capable of fast charging, wireless charging  and feature large battery pack to meet the demand of heavyContinue reading “Best Power Bank 20000 mAh – best portable charger to keep your devices alive”

Best USB-C Portable Charger

USB-C interface is undoubtedly one of the hot spots in the current smartphone market,  which has the advantages of both positive and negative plug-in, high-speed data transmission and high-power supply. From the cheap models to high-end models, the USB-C port is beginning to spread wave. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has officially accepted USB Type-CContinue reading “Best USB-C Portable Charger”

Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C?

There is no much-anticipated Surface Pro / Book upgrade or rumored Surface Phone of the Microsoft conference last week, but it talked about the new Windows 10 S and released a Surface Laptop. The new Surface Laptop is equipped with a seventh generation of Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 1TB of SSD andContinue reading “Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C?”

Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch

The new released Nintendo Switch enables you to have fun from the greenroom to on-the-go, the overwhelming and thrilling features try-out might have impressed most players. However, where there are cheers there are complaints as well. The limited battery life of Nintendo Switch cannot support continuous game processing more than 6 hours, in fact mostContinue reading “Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch”

How to charge Nintendo Switch without dock

The Nintendo Switch presentation has passed for several days, was it a very tempting launch? Definitely positive, It has plenty of RPG’s coming to it and it is a home console with a portable HD component, plus the 2 Joy Con controller feature is a pretty brilliant idea– citing from a player’s interview who had alreadyContinue reading “How to charge Nintendo Switch without dock”

Car Charger for iPhone 6 – Your Best Options

As car charger becomes an essential in car device to charge during your daily trip, how to choose a best car charger for your iPhone 6/ 6plus remains a question to most of people. To avoid such problems, below we recommend 3 options for the best car chargers USB for iphone6/6 plus.   1. Apple certifiedContinue reading “Car Charger for iPhone 6 – Your Best Options”

USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery: New Technology to Charge and Transfer Faster

USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery are exciting new technology and standards that enable customers to use a single flip-able cable to connect personal electronics and provide the fastest charging speed. If you still have no idea about these two trends, passage below will lead you to this new world of USB type-c and USBContinue reading “USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery: New Technology to Charge and Transfer Faster”

USB Type C Car Charger: Exceptional Choice for Road Tripper

      Since Apple being a leader of the smartphone, there are amount of mobile phone heavy users appeared, which means they need to keep devices in power any time. Fortunately, so many people have already prepared a smart power bank  or quick charge power bank for their Road trip or Spring Break inContinue reading “USB Type C Car Charger: Exceptional Choice for Road Tripper”