Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C?

Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C? 1

There is no much-anticipated Surface Pro / Book upgrade or rumored Surface Phone of the Microsoft conference last week, but it talked about the new Windows 10 S and released a Surface Laptop. The new Surface Laptop is equipped with a seventh generation of Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 1TB of SSD and 14.5 hours of power. According to Microsoft clarified, Surface Laptop is 50% faster than MacBook Air with Core i7. The shortcoming many people complain about is the lack of port, only one USB Type-A port, not even the USB Type-C port.

Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C? 1

Apple Macbook getting USB Type-C name out of the world. Why so many people more and more pay attention to USB Type-C? Some people praise USB Type-C is small and double-sided available, capable of charging, data transmission, video output (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort) and all kinds of extended peripherals. In the mobile phone, tablet PC and other mobile terminals,  USB Type-C has a brilliant future, double-sided available beats Micro USB in many respects.

Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C? 2

Actually, USB Type-C does have some aspects that USB Type-A hard to catch up. Type-C’s most intuitive advantage is to let you completely get rid of the trouble of plug, no need to distinguish pros and cons or the damage caused by anti-plug.

In addition, in the case of reducing abrasion and unrestricted constraints, USB Type-C can take up less board space due to technological innovation, which in fact does not have much real change and meaning for us, but for hardware product designers, small changes can bring more possibilities and changes to the internal layout.

Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C? 3

Since Type-C has so many advantages, why the surface laptop not have USB Type-C port?The news from the upstream supply chain pointed out that although IC manufacturers believe that USB Type-C interface is a trend, the new interface can meet the needs of related equipment, especially for the current VR market. But the laptop manufacturers do not think so, they still not prefer planning laptop equipped with  USB Type-C, because the Type-C needs more electricity than the previous generation interface, and would result in problems such as heat dissipation. Moreover, there is a faster transmission speed with USB Type-C, then there is a related need for corresponding chip and circuit design, which increases the cost of laptop hardware.

In short, USB Type-C can be said is a new standard of USB interface in the next few years. In the future, the popularity degree will be more comprehensive than now, and the speed of popularity degree must be faster. From the current trend, there will be more and more devices equipped with USB Type-C by and by, despite the surface laptop not have USB Type-C at the moment.


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