Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch

The new released Nintendo Switch enables you to have fun from the greenroom to on-the-go, the overwhelming and thrilling features try-out might have impressed most players. However, where there are cheers there are complaints as well. The limited battery life of Nintendo Switch cannot support continuous game processing more than 6 hours, in fact mostContinue reading “Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch”

Best Power Bank for Apple iPhone 7

After months of guesses and rumors, Apple followed a set pattern for the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on 7th September 2016. As many enthusiasts predicted before, here comes the good news, iPhone 7 adds the function of water and dust resistance (IP68 standard) like several Samsung and Sony phones did, theContinue reading “Best Power Bank for Apple iPhone 7”

How many times can a 10000 mAh rated Power Bank fully charge your device ?

There’s no denying that power bank is an awesome invention, it has become one of the most necessary smartphone accessories these days.  Before you buy a power bank you might put an eye on how many times the power bank can fully charge your device, for example, if it is a 10000 mAh rated power bank, you might expect to charge your 2000Continue reading “How many times can a 10000 mAh rated Power Bank fully charge your device ?”

How Many Times Can A 2600mAh Power Bank Charge My Phone?

When you are asking how many times a 2600mAh power bank can charge your phone, there are 2 key information you will need to know: 1. The battery capacity of your phone; 2. The conversion rate of the power bank.   Let’s take the power bank above and an iPhone 6 as an example: the battery capacityContinue reading “How Many Times Can A 2600mAh Power Bank Charge My Phone?”

Top 5 Best Waterproof Power Bank 2016

Waterproof power bank is now become a necessity when you trip to areas such as forest and seaside since there is no power supply and your devices are possibly exposed to water. Portability, conversion rate and quality of material are essential elements to judge a waterproof power bank. So here in this passage, we testedContinue reading “Top 5 Best Waterproof Power Bank 2016”

Solar Power Stands Out From Renewable Energies

Will you be a little familiar with solar power? As a new and powerful renewable energy, it works on providing human renewable energy source and solving human survival issues fiercely. Just to refine the definition, what is solar power? What is a solar power?   We get the solar power from the Sun. The natureContinue reading “Solar Power Stands Out From Renewable Energies”

Best Power Bank For iPhone

Phones get faster every year, but battery life doesn’t seem to get any better, which means we must be mindful of battery life throughout the day. In most cases we have access to wall or car chargers to boost battery levels back up, but there’s always a situation that calls for a power bank toContinue reading “Best Power Bank For iPhone”

How to Prolong Battery Life: Power Bank 20000mAh in Test

OVERVIEW EasyAcc Monster Power Bank 20000mAh can allow you to charge on the go up to four USB devices simultaneously to the limit of 4.8 amps (smartphone, tablet, camera, GoPro, etc.) What the biggest advantage of Monster Power Bank 20000mAh, except its hugh capacity,  is that it delivers the most appropriate power that each deviceContinue reading “How to Prolong Battery Life: Power Bank 20000mAh in Test”

Hey #PowerCatcher, We Value Your Every Choice!

Hey #PowerCatcher, We Need Your Help! For our next generation of power bank design, we got stuck with the color choice. We just wanna show all you the best; while, always, it’s the most difficult part to complete.  Which Look or Color you think is the best? Tell us your choice with the comment A,Continue reading “Hey #PowerCatcher, We Value Your Every Choice!”

Best Way to Charge Your Phone: USB Type-C/ Wireless Charge/ Quick Charge/ Smart Charge

While talking about the ways to charge phone, most of you will round up heaps of ways, traditional or updated, no matter what the way charging phone with a wall socket or with computer and a USB cable, or the way with USB Type-C, or Wireless Charge, or Quick Charge, or Smart Charge. So whichContinue reading “Best Way to Charge Your Phone: USB Type-C/ Wireless Charge/ Quick Charge/ Smart Charge”