Does Samsung Galaxy S21 come with a charger ?

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 has become a surprise at the beginning of 2021.There are many changes comparing other previous Samsung Galaxy series.The most welcomed change Samsung has done for the Galaxy S21 family is no other than reverting back to the flat display.Besides,Samsung Galaxy has also great performance in hardware and software, also incorporatesContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 come with a charger ?”

Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been launched for a while,  many rumored features had been well confirmed, like the usb-c charging port, reserved headphone jack, IP68 waterproof rating, 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh of battery capacity respectively. How long will Samsung Galaxy S9 last for regular users? According to the reports from CNET, oneContinue reading “Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S9”

Best OnePlus 5T Charger

The new OnePlus 5T said hello to the world at the end of 2017 with large screen and skinny bezels, barely a half year after the launch of the famous OnePlus 5. As always, OnePlus 5T offers fantastic features with a great price, you can directly purchase one from OnePlus official website or Amazon.  I wrappedContinue reading “Best OnePlus 5T Charger”

Best USB-C Portable Charger

USB-C interface is undoubtedly one of the hot spots in the current smartphone market,  which has the advantages of both positive and negative plug-in, high-speed data transmission and high-power supply. From the cheap models to high-end models, the USB-C port is beginning to spread wave. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has officially accepted USB Type-CContinue reading “Best USB-C Portable Charger”

Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch

The new released Nintendo Switch enables you to have fun from the greenroom to on-the-go, the overwhelming and thrilling features try-out might have impressed most players. However, where there are cheers there are complaints as well. The limited battery life of Nintendo Switch cannot support continuous game processing more than 6 hours, in fact mostContinue reading “Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch”

5 Stellar Wall Chargers to Buy this Winter

As the temperature drops, you may be inclined to stay indoors, crank the heat up and stay with you smartphone, iPad and any other electronic devices all the day. However, how to keep your smart devices powered all the time? The answer is to having several wall chargers in your home. There is nothing betterContinue reading “5 Stellar Wall Chargers to Buy this Winter”

Best Wall Chargers for Summer Holidays

Warm sunny beaches, lazy quiet rivers are so attractive in this summer season. You may go hiking on the mountains with you friends or maybe your perfect getaway is a tent in the backyard with kids. Wherever your holiday takes you this summer, every piece of mobile tech these days requires a USB wall chargerContinue reading “Best Wall Chargers for Summer Holidays”

Solar Power Stands Out From Renewable Energies

Will you be a little familiar with solar power? As a new and powerful renewable energy, it works on providing human renewable energy source and solving human survival issues fiercely. Just to refine the definition, what is solar power? What is a solar power?   We get the solar power from the Sun. The natureContinue reading “Solar Power Stands Out From Renewable Energies”

Giveaways: EasyAcc 36W 3-Port USB Wall Charger and USB Charger 6-Port Desktop Charging Station

Hello all!  Chance to win a new free set of housing and travel essentials is waiting for all EasyAcc fans. Waterproof power bank tops your buying list as the summer accessories, then what will you bring for spring travel? How about the new coming EasyAcc  QC 3.0 Power Bank? Actually, we prepare a set of portable chargers asContinue reading “Giveaways: EasyAcc 36W 3-Port USB Wall Charger and USB Charger 6-Port Desktop Charging Station”

EasyAcc Rugged Power Bank 20000mAh Chimera Revo Review: Indestructible and Waterproof

Let’s face it, the web and the stores are filled with Power Bank in various capacities and sizes. They can offer an ideal solution for every user requirement. However, today we want to tell you about a Portable Power Bank rather special because it has a robust body and certification IP67 (what does IP67 mean?)Continue reading “EasyAcc Rugged Power Bank 20000mAh Chimera Revo Review: Indestructible and Waterproof”