USB Type-C Phone: The Future of Charging is Coming

    Steve Jobs once said: “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that change everything.”     Well, he was partially right, the obvious example is that USB Type-C Port widely used in Apple devices. When USB Type-C first appeared in 2015, it arrived on a pair of laptops: The NewContinue reading “USB Type-C Phone: The Future of Charging is Coming”

USB Type C Adapter: Perfectly with USB Micro-B Cables

  Well, as USB Type C devices gradually become an inevitable trend and a growing number of people enjoy the convenience bring by them. Now there are many new products are getting equipped with USB Type-C connectors like  USB Type C Charger, USB Type C power bank and USB Type C Adapter.   Why USB Type C widelyContinue reading “USB Type C Adapter: Perfectly with USB Micro-B Cables”

USB 3.1 Type C: Still Confused?

Over the last year, there have been many achievements in the USB world, an example for Apple: Apple is challenging laptop users to adapt  fewer ports with the new design of its new Mac Book in USB 3.1 port, but when USB 3.1 Type C became famous and common in 2015, it gained both attentionContinue reading “USB 3.1 Type C: Still Confused?”

Don’t buy USB Type-C smartphone before you read this

Universal Serial Bus, commonly known as USB, has been doing the job at connecting our gadgets with one another very well, for almost two decades. And recently, its latest enhancement, USB Type-C is finally here.   Advantages of USB Type-C  Why USB Type-C is here? Or what benefits can we get from USB Type-C?   OneContinue reading “Don’t buy USB Type-C smartphone before you read this”

USB Type-C Charger: The Death of AC Laptop Chargers

With the development of USB ports,(USB 1.0 – USB 3.1) Apple grab the upper hand and releases USB Type-C in the market. Now we have plenty of options for charging your mobile phone these days. Once upon a time we simply had the choice between charging with a wall socket or with our computer andContinue reading “USB Type-C Charger: The Death of AC Laptop Chargers”

USB Type C Power Bank: Back Up Battery For Your New Type C Phones

With the higher quality transfer speed and charging speed, the USB Type-C will soon be the new standard connector for both charging and data. So the USB Type C Phones, just like Nexus 6P, HTC 10, One Plus 3 or other Type C gadgets like MacBook, are really need the real USB C power bank to supportContinue reading “USB Type C Power Bank: Back Up Battery For Your New Type C Phones”

USB Type C Cable: One to all

Nowadays, USB Type C is not only a hot word in Google, but also a high-tech trend in the world! We can see that Google and Apple have both launched new mobile computers recently, though the machines have so many difference, however, they have a common thing, that is USB Type-C ports. So, what exactlyContinue reading “USB Type C Cable: One to all”