USB Type C Car Charger: Exceptional Choice for Road Tripper

usb type c car charger



usb type c car charger


Since Apple being a leader of the smartphone, there are amount of mobile phone heavy users appeared, which means they need to keep devices in power any time.
Fortunately, so many people have already prepared a smart power bank  or quick charge power bank for their Road trip or Spring Break in case of any powered off emergency.

However, if you can charge your phone, MP3 player or other devices in your car with exhaustless quantity of electric charge when you are driving…
Well, that would be nice news for Road Trippers!

Today I have compiled some of the USB Type C Car Charger introduction and tips for your reference.



Hey, seriously, what is USB Type C ?


usb type c car charger

Physically, the Type-C port and connector are both small and compatible with Micro–B USB; it’s small enough to work for even the smallest devices.
Starting at 2015, Type-C USB is support to USB 3.1 with the great speed of 10Gbps and has much higher power output of up to 20V(100W) and 5A.
Different from USB Type-A, USB Type-C is much smaller and faster. The latest USB 3.0 specification can offer you more comfort feeling with high transfer speed and reversible port.
With the development of compatibility of Type-C devices, we can firmly believe that there will be more Type-C accessories, just like USB Type-C power bank, cable and car charger.



Here is a brief introduction of Car Charger!



usb type c car charger



USB Type C Car Charger is a fantastic invention. It is capable of charging multiple devices at the same time. Charging your mobile phone, tablet, e-reader, mp3 player and any other USB-powered devices.
It’s a good idea to have one and keep it in your car in case of an emergency.

Well, if you want to call your friends that you will arrive soon, but your smartphone is powered off. Ah… that is not a great thing!
So, it’s really a good idea to have one Type C Car Charger in your car of any emergency and ensure your smart devices keep running.
Besides, it’s possible to talk on the phone while it is still plugged in to the car charger. But not too frequently; it can affect the battery life of your devices.
Convenience, Speediness and Simples= USB Type C Car Charger.



The Combination of USB Type C and Car Charger is coming!



Type C and Car Charger includes the high transfer speed and reversible ports. Keep one in your car for any power emergency would be a nice action.
USB Type C Car Charger can guarantee the fastest possible charge to any Type –C phone and tablet.


usb type c car charger



Compared with other USB Type ports, obviously, the USB Type C Port Car Charger (USB 3.0) can bring 5Gbps data transfer speed. That’s the shining point which is different from the other normal car charger.
The USB Type C Car Charger can especially benefit for Road Trip, you can charge your latest Type-C devices, and have no sense of anxiety that your smartphone will be powered off in the Road Trip.


Where to buy a USB Type C Car Chargers?


usb type c car charger



You can find it in every charger service stores or general retail stores. You may also purchase it online.
Of course, Amazon is a good source for USB Type C Car Chargers.



How to Buy a Compatible USB Type C Car Chargers on Amazon?


There is no secret sauce, but there are a few tips and tricks you can employ to get your USB Type C Car Chargers.
Follow a few simple steps to find the right USB Type C Car Charger for you on Amazon.
1: If you have the optional choice of the chargers brand or type, that’s would be great! You can just input the keywords information in the search box on Amazon homepage and then you will find so many chargers on the page list.


usb type c car charger amazon

2: The other best choice is that you can review the results and learn more details and descriptions.
Here are some good reviews; it may help you to understand more about the car charger’s advantages and UE (user experience).


usb type c car charger amazon



Of course, the negative sides should not be ignored; you can just have a look or check it carefully. Here I suggest that you can take some time on the negative review page. Because once you have known the products disadvantages comes from the users, you may have a clearly self-consideration to decide buy it or not!

Look the comment below, you can find the products shortage easily.


usb type c car charger amazon


Once you have some questions about the products, you can just feel free to click the link and inquire some explanation about the charger.
Don’t forget to check the return policy. If the charger has some quality problems or if it is incompatible with your phone, you should know whether the seller accepts the return. Anyway, just in case!


usb type c car charger amazon
Well, once you have found the lovely USB Type C Charger you are interested in, you may bid on or purchase it using a method of payment that is accepted by the seller.



Aukey and Anker Type-C Car Charger Review:
A qualified USB Type C Car Charger should have the latest USB 3.1 ports, perfect design, quality, long warrantee time and nice customer reviews.


1: AUKEY 49.5W 3 Port Type-C USB Car Charger

usb type c car charger

The AUKEY Type-C USB Car Charger includes one quick charge 3.0 USB Type C port and two 5V 3A USB ports.
In addition, the certified quick charge 3.0 they employ high technology to achieve up to 38% more efficient charging over USB 2.0.
Well, is it the same good as they describe? Let’s break down exactly what’s customer reviewed!


usb type c car charger review

Perfectly use with Nexus 6P, fast, reliable, the reviews are all good, rapid charging of the USB C port and the only shortage comes from the last customer is that the product size is too big and stick outs more than he imaged.



2. Anker Power Drive2 with Quick Charge 3.0


usb type c car charger




usb type c car charger review

From the picked reviews, we can see clearly that the user said that it’s great for any car types, perfectly used with Nexus 6P and MacBook, and high quality with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly!
However, one user appointed out two things:
1: Do not expect a quick charge when using the regular USB connection. They are just the standard 1.5V charger ports.
2: The charger itself is large than you think.
Well, review is really a greater channel to understand the products than the images and product description. You can know more about the user’s feeling and warning things. So do remember to check the reviews before you bid it on Amazon.

Recently, Road Trip becomes popular. Maybe some Road Trippers have already prepared a Power Bank or Quick Charger.
However, if you want a hassle free Road Trip with never powered off smartphone, why not try a USB Type C Car Charger, a perfect Road Trip partner for you.



usb type c car charger

Anyway, once you have gotten interested in USB Type C Car Charger or had viewed a different and cost-effective car charger. Either way, we’d like to hear your opinions or product recommendations. Just comment below!




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