What is the best ultrasonic humidifier?

Ultrasonic humidifier is a necessarity now  in office or at home. Humidifier is designed to add moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many  parts of the body.Warm mist humidifiers are better than cool mist humidifiers because of fighting off the bacteria. Ultrasonic humidifiers are quieter than most evaporative models,andContinue reading “What is the best ultrasonic humidifier?”

What is the best Gooseneck Tablet Stand?

Are you addicted at playing  living stream video? Youtuber is a popular profession that many youngers are pursued. As a YouTube content creator, you need  to carry a portable Tablet or smartphone stand in that you can work more smoothly. Not only  can we use the gooseneck tablet or smartphone stand in the internet workingContinue reading “What is the best Gooseneck Tablet Stand?”

Should I purchase the newest Powerbeats Pro ?

          Are  you  looking  forward the release of  the  new -brand iPhone ?  But  Apple CEO Tim Cook will probably unveil the  brand-new iPhone in less than  weeks. Oddly, many of the rumors, but  we will see.This time ,Let’s have a look about Powerbeats Pro.This  wonderful totally wireless  earphones attract so many loyal customers.Besides,theContinue reading “Should I purchase the newest Powerbeats Pro ?”

Best Charge Cables for Travel: Why Smaller is Better

In this case, size does matter, and smaller is better! In this post, we explain how smaller charge cables are spatially efficient, save you time, and work better for charging on the go. Nobody likes that feeling when you’ve left for the airport already and we can’t help but think that you’ve left something importantContinue reading “Best Charge Cables for Travel: Why Smaller is Better”

Best Power Bank 20000 mAh – best portable charger to keep your devices alive

If your phone and other gadgets often die and need several recharges a day, you definitely need a sufficient power bank to keep them alive and get away from low battery warning anxiety. Nowadays the flagship phones are capable of fast charging, wireless charging  and feature large battery pack to meet the demand of heavyContinue reading “Best Power Bank 20000 mAh – best portable charger to keep your devices alive”

Giveaway: win a 9.7-inch Apple iPad smart case from EasyAcc

Reportedly the sales on iPads even the whole market of tablets have dipped in recent years, in fact, iPad line annually updates the features and spares no effort on improving the productivity and creativity, like the retina screen, thinner and lighter body, more comfortable holding size 9.7-inch etc.  The new iPad 2017 released earlier thisContinue reading “Giveaway: win a 9.7-inch Apple iPad smart case from EasyAcc”

Best Apple iPad 9.7 Cases

Earlier this year Apple released the special edition of red iPhone 7/7 Plus and new iPad 9.7-inch 2017 simultaneously , the new anticipated product line has drew much public attention and meet the expectation.  To be compared with the iPad Pro 9.7-inch which came out last year, the new iPad is the most affordable AppleContinue reading “Best Apple iPad 9.7 Cases”

Giveaway: EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker – Music on the go

When you need a quick and easy solution for playing music around your home or on the go, then nothing is more convenient than an EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker.  Just be ready to get surprised with the upgraded version of EasyAcc Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker, It’s more than just a sleek, polished stainless steel sheel. It has theContinue reading “Giveaway: EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker – Music on the go”

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone

 The new iPhone 7 line provides up to 256 GB storage, which makes it perfect for home and outdoor entertainment with stored music and video files. For the concern of quick connection and portability, wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the best choice to meet the requirements. There are a number of categories and options on theContinue reading “Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone”

How to Avoid Samsung Note 7 from Explosion

News announced that Samsung has filed a plan with china’s consumer quality watchdog to recall 190,984 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold on the Chinese mainland, due to an overheating and explosion problem. We are wondering to know what kind of reasons lead the explosion, or are there any precautions to prevent Samsung Galaxy Note 7Continue reading “How to Avoid Samsung Note 7 from Explosion”