What to do if your Macbook trackpad stops working

Problems with Macbook trackpad can make it hard for you to work and even lead to accidental loss or alteration of data. While you may want to disassemble your laptop, it is not necessarily to do so. Here are some simple steps that can help you to sort it out quickly and avoid similar issuesContinue reading “What to do if your Macbook trackpad stops working”

Can you use MagSafe Battery Pack to charge your iPhone 11 and AirPods?

After months of rumors, Apple finally relased its brand-new MagSafe product: MagSafe Battery Pack. Different from other battery packs, it can be magnetically attached to the back of your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It will help you get longer battery life on your iPhone on-the-go. CanContinue reading “Can you use MagSafe Battery Pack to charge your iPhone 11 and AirPods?”

How to turn off iPhone the right way

People used to turn off their iPhones simply by pressing the side button, but now with Apple changing the role the buttons plays, they’ll only activate Siri if holding and pressing the button. Luckily, you still can turn off your iPhone via a combination of buttons, and if you find it hard to remmeber theContinue reading “How to turn off iPhone the right way”

Does iPad Pro 2021 support fast charging?

iPad Pro 2021 is far from a huge step from its predecessor, iPad Pro 2020. However, it amazes people largely by the inside: the M1 chip, and some features firstly introduced in iPad, such as the mini-LED display and the Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 port. So, based on the robust hardware and Thunderbolt, you may wonderContinue reading “Does iPad Pro 2021 support fast charging?”

Is AirTag compatible with Android?

Apple just released its new object tracker AirTag, which aims to be attached to your keys, bags, or any other things that you constantly lose track of. AirTag works with Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Apple also annouced that the device must be iOS 14.5, which will be released later this month. However,Continue reading “Is AirTag compatible with Android?”

Does AirTag has a rechargeable battery? How long does it last?

Apple finally unveiled AirTag after months of rumors and speculations. It is a real competitor of Tile, boasting not only the basic tracking ability but also premium features like Precision Finding and compatibility with all of Apple devices. AirTag is actually based on the technology called UWB/ultra wideband. Though Bluetooth can also track things, UWBContinue reading “Does AirTag has a rechargeable battery? How long does it last?”

Does iPhone 12 Mini have telephoto camera?

Apple has published the new iphone 12 lineup on October 13, 2020 finnally, even though it should be show up on September.The biggest news for me is the iphone 12 mini launching which broke the  giant models tradition .iPhone 12 mini only features  5.4 inch ,.Without doubt,the smallest member of the new iPhone 12 familyContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 Mini have telephoto camera?”

Does iPhone 12 series have micro SD card slot?

Now that with many new features added to the iPhone 12 line, such as the tough Ceramic Shield, the aerospace-grade aluminum edges, the 5G speed, and the Super Retina XDR OLED display. Some people want to know whether Apple adopts the other technologies that fans have long waited for. For example, does iPhone 12 seriesContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 series have micro SD card slot?”

Does iPhone 12 series support fast charging?

After a long wait, Apple finnaly unveiled its iPhone 12 line together with the HomePod mini at the company’s virtual event on October 13. There are four new phones in total: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone has an aluminum frame around the outside, and theContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 series support fast charging?”

How to choose a power bank for your 2020 iPad Pro 11/12.9 inch?

The iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch released in March are definitely the best laptop replacement ever. The fast A12Z Bionic performance, the brilliant display, iPad OS’ new and improved cursor control, the “Magic” Keyboard, and the long battery life. All these make the new iPads the best tablet you can buy. However, forContinue reading “How to choose a power bank for your 2020 iPad Pro 11/12.9 inch?”