How to clean your laptop’s keyboard without damaging it

Since Covid-19 pandemic, you must have realized the importance of personal hygiene. It is highly recommended to clean and disinfect the smartphone screen you spend hours on everyday, but have you ever thought of your laptop keyboard? Similar with phones, laptop is another frequently used digital device daily, and it also needs your care toContinue reading “How to clean your laptop’s keyboard without damaging it”

Can iPad Pro with iPadOS replace your laptop?

Apple never misses any chance to market iPad as a laptop replacement. Tim Cook has referred to the latest iPad Pro as the “most popular computer in the world.” If the iOS 11 with the Introduction of the Dock on the iPad and the reintegration of the file App with iCloud is not close enoughContinue reading “Can iPad Pro with iPadOS replace your laptop?”

What Lenovo Bring Us at CES 2018?

At the beginning of the new year, as one of the world’s largest innovation and technology exhibitions, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) was officially launched in Las Vegas. As an annual event, CES is not only a window to showcase the most advanced technology to enthusiasts, but also sets a keynote tone for the scienceContinue reading “What Lenovo Bring Us at CES 2018?”

Should I Leave My Laptop Plugged in

It has been a problem concerned by most of computer users for a long time—should I leave my laptop plugged in or on battery power? Unfortunately, this is not a question I can answer you with a single “yes” or “no” as there are many factors affecting the lifespan of a battery from which theContinue reading “Should I Leave My Laptop Plugged in”

Using Laptop without Battery Good or Bad

There are so many rumors of battery life no matter of mobile phones or laptops. For some new comer of laptop, they will be confused by all kinds of statements online as some of them are totally contradictory. And using laptop without battery good or bad is one of the concerns. Here let’s have aContinue reading “Using Laptop without Battery Good or Bad”

How to maintain laptop battery life

Every laptop battery can be reduced over time, even though you may know some general tips to expand your laptop battery life, like dimming screen and Wi-Fi off, but only by care and attention can you make sure your laptop needs replacing before its battery does. Following ways are proposed to help you maintain yourContinue reading “How to maintain laptop battery life”

How to Clean the Surface Laptop?

Microsoft Surface Laptop, which appeared on the Microsoft’s presentation not long ago, was used the Italian Alcantara Artificial Suede material, which was previously selected on the Surface Pro 4 keyboard cover. It advertised not only to bring you the visual beauty and unique style, but be able to keep the hand warm when you useContinue reading “How to Clean the Surface Laptop?”

Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C?

There is no much-anticipated Surface Pro / Book upgrade or rumored Surface Phone of the Microsoft conference last week, but it talked about the new Windows 10 S and released a Surface Laptop. The new Surface Laptop is equipped with a seventh generation of Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 1TB of SSD andContinue reading “Why the Surface Laptop not have USB Type-C?”

Best Ultraportable Laptop for 2017

Ultrabook is such convenient to carry, with long battery life, it is suitable for travel or even on the road to get off work. The Businessman always prefers a portable laptop. This article introduces you some best ultraportable laptops for 2017. Lenovo Air 13 Pro      Lenovo Air 13 Pro screen support 180 degrees to stretch,Continue reading “Best Ultraportable Laptop for 2017”

Best Laptop for Business 2017

Business has become so mobile that its performers need a reliable PC to operate it. The best small business laptop is currently available at the market. It is often identified more by its versatility than by its performance. There are different features that business people look into when buying a new laptop. So find theContinue reading “Best Laptop for Business 2017”