How to charge Nintendo Switch without dock


The Nintendo Switch presentation has passed for several days, was it a very tempting launch? Definitely positive, It has plenty of RPG’s coming to it and it is a home console with a portable HD component, plus the 2 Joy Con controller feature is a pretty brilliant idea– citing from a player’s interview who had already preordered a Switch and can’t wait to try it out. 

How is Nintendo Switch? There is no doubt that Nintendo spares no effort on making remarkable development on the user experience, the hybrid approach is quite clever for a number of reasons. The most compelling improvement is that play can be an ongoing thing. Play at home, and then continue at work or school. The dramatic improvement in mobile hardware makes this possible.


However, a significant feature players care a lot is the battery capacity, which massively determine how long Nintendo Switch can be used outdoors. It’s hard to say the battery performance of Nintendo Switch is Okay, on the contrary, Nintendo Switch may have the worst battery life of any Nintendo handheld game system ever made. Nintendo quotes at just 2.5 to 6.5 hours on a charge, depending on the game — 3 hours of Zelda at a time. I believe that nobody would buy a portable game system that only lasts a pitiful short time, especially for the commuters.

How to charge Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has a weird history with chargers when it comes to its portables, which didn’t come with chargers at all. Nintendo might have collected the complaints and developed several different ways to charge Nintendo Switch. The most direct method is using the USB-C charger which comes in the box to the tablet portion of the system.


Nintendo’s Switch also comes with a docking station in the box. That dock will both charge the Switch and connect it to your TV via HDMI. Looking closely, there’s a USB-C port at the bottom of the dock that allows this connection. Now you might have noticed how to charge Nintendo Switch —  simply connect the dock to the genuine charger. 


For the commuters it’s quite annoying to take the dock with them on the go, so how to charge Nintendo Switch without the dock?

The answer is quite simple, as it is already claimed that the system comes with a wall adapter that can either plug into the dock to charge the switch or straight into the tablet. The USB-C cable is not detachable from the transformer. We will never have to carry around a proprietary power adapter to charge Nintendo Switch, because the standard charge cable that comes with any new phone, tablet or laptop will work with game console too.


What about the power source? A standard USB external power bank will keep you trouble free. 

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