Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo Switch has been launched for days, and it is widely known that it is only an improved version, rather than “Switch Pro” that many people had been hoping for. Improved features include the better kickstand, increased internal storage, brighter screen and other minor design tweaks. How about Bluetooth connection? Can you connect Bluetooth headphonesContinue reading “Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch OLED?”

How can I buy Nintendo LABO? What is Nintendo LABO?

On March 3, 2017, Nintendo released their going-to-be-popular Nintendo Switch. It’s just like a bomb in game fans. Nevertheless, Nintendo LABO released on Wednesday evening ignites the passion of gamers again.  What is Nintendo LABO? Nintendo LABO is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch.Continue reading “How can I buy Nintendo LABO? What is Nintendo LABO?”

Cable to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

  Nintendo Switch is the seventh major home video game console developed by Nintendo. It enables you to play games whenever, wherever and however you want because it provides three playing modes: TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode. In this article I will give a detailed introduction about the TV mode. Read on toContinue reading “Cable to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV”

How to attach and detach Nintendo Switch controllers from Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s newest game console, Nintendo Switch, catches a lot of people’s eyes. It got this name because it can be switched into different gaming modes. Attach Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch as a PSP, detach Joy-cons from Nintendo Switch and play motion sensing game with your friend, or insert the main unit onto a docking stationContinue reading “How to attach and detach Nintendo Switch controllers from Nintendo Switch”

Best Nintendo Switch Bundle

Since the release of Nintendo Switch in March this year, game lovers have been wondering which bundle to choose so as to get best gaming experience. In this article the editor shows the answer. No Difference except the ColorNintendo Switch was unveiled with two standard £279 bundles which are of different colors: one version hasContinue reading “Best Nintendo Switch Bundle”

What’s the New Nintendo System

Launched on March 3, 2017, Nintendo Switch is both a portable machine and a home console. While Nintendo has focused on both handheld systems and home consoles since its earliest forays into electronic gaming, this is the first it has ever combined the two. Now let’s read this article and learn more about Nintendo Switch.Continue reading “What’s the New Nintendo System”

Accessories You Can Buy for Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch was unveiled in October 2016 which was joyous news for people who love games very much. And it was released on March 3, 2017. If this still news to you, you may need the following information. Know about Nintendo SwitchAs Nintendo’s seventh major home video game console, it is considered as a “hybrid”.Continue reading “Accessories You Can Buy for Your Nintendo Switch”

Can Nintendo Switch play movies

Gamers’ new favorite, Nintendo Switch, will let users play games on their TV and allow them to play games on the go without skipping a beat. However, gaming is the only thing that users are able to do according to the statement on Nintendo’s official website. “Nintendo Switch is first and foremost a gaming system,Continue reading “Can Nintendo Switch play movies”

Best Nintendo Switch Video Games

The Nintendo Switch comes out, and that means a bunch of games come into being, too! With massive games coming to your eyes, are you feeling puzzled about how to choose a satisfying one which can fit your taste perfectly. Here I would like to present some best Nintendo switch video games to you. TheContinue reading “Best Nintendo Switch Video Games”

Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch

The new released Nintendo Switch enables you to have fun from the greenroom to on-the-go, the overwhelming and thrilling features try-out might have impressed most players. However, where there are cheers there are complaints as well. The limited battery life of Nintendo Switch cannot support continuous game processing more than 6 hours, in fact mostContinue reading “Best Power Banks For Nintendo Switch”