Best wireless car charger for your Qi-enabled phone

When you need to charge your phone in car, what’s the first solution comes into your mind? A car charger, nowadays many cars have built-in USB ports that make charging in-car very easy, but the fussy cables are quite annoying most times, since more and more phones support wireless charging, why not use a wirelessContinue reading “Best wireless car charger for your Qi-enabled phone”

How to Fast Charge Your Phone in a Car

People want a smartphone with a battery that will last a long time on a single charge. At the same time, they also want it can be quickly refilled. Thankfully, a new era is coming, as companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek, OnePlus, Huawei and other smartphone brands have created fast charging technologies. It’s possible for you toContinue reading “How to Fast Charge Your Phone in a Car”

Best Car Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8

People may find it necessary to equip the car with a car charger so as to refresh electric devices at any time. In this article, 4 best car chargers are listed for charging Samsung Galaxy S8. 1. EasyAcc 34W 6.8A 2-Port Car ChargerThis car charger provides you with a separate micro-USB cord plus two normalContinue reading “Best Car Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8”

How to Choose Mobile Charger for Car

With advanced electronic devices, our life undoubtedly has been more and more colorful. However, there comes a problem is that you can do nothing with a mobile phone drained out of juice. That’s why a mobile car charger becomes important in today’s life, especially for those travel a lot. In order to help you toContinue reading “How to Choose Mobile Charger for Car”

Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Car Accessories

Do you get your new iPhone 7/7 Plus already? As a person using car every day or planning for a road trip, there must be some car accessories that need to be prepared with the coming of iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount I believe this delicate pink gadget will hitContinue reading “Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Car Accessories”

How to Choose Phone Accessories for Your Car

On the basis of the result of National Household Travel Survey  released on the website of United States Department of Transportation, 97% of daily trip take place in personal vehicles and 91 % of people commute to work using personal vehicles. Americans spends averagely 55 minutes a day behind a steering wheel. These data notContinue reading “How to Choose Phone Accessories for Your Car”

 Why is My Phone not Charging?

Why is my phone not charging? The problem occurs in various degrees. Either your phone won’t charge at all when it is plugged in, or it is only charged very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it is discharging). It’s a very common complaint, so here are a few solutions. 1.Remove lint, candy and dust WillContinue reading ” Why is My Phone not Charging?”

How to Choose a Car Charger for iPad?

There’s nothing worse than running out of your iPad battery after a long drive, even though iPad basically can support a huge battery we still need to charge it on the go at most inopportune times, car chargers make charging be available and easier when you are driving or in a road trip. How toContinue reading “How to Choose a Car Charger for iPad?”

6 Best USB Car Charger: Anker vs EasyAcc vs Aukey

Smartphone take care of our life in variety of aspects. We need it not only for communicating but also for getting info, playing, even making payment. It is so easy for people to becoming a heavy smartphone user. In order to keep the smartphone stay longer, we got many portable accessories, and car charger isContinue reading “6 Best USB Car Charger: Anker vs EasyAcc vs Aukey”

Car Charger for iPhone 6 – Your Best Options

As car charger becomes an essential in car device to charge during your daily trip, how to choose a best car charger for your iPhone 6/ 6plus remains a question to most of people. To avoid such problems, below we recommend 3 options for the best car chargers USB for iphone6/6 plus.   1. Apple certifiedContinue reading “Car Charger for iPhone 6 – Your Best Options”