A Guide for Eco-friendly Products to save our planet

Global warming, pollution, energy depletion are probably the most challenging problems of today as they have led to many different environmental issues such as increased global temperatures, mass extinctions caused by habitat loss, and many other global dilemmas. What should we do to solve them? A green lifestyle is recommended by many environmentalists.  Eco-friendly products areContinue reading “A Guide for Eco-friendly Products to save our planet”

What is Solar Charge Controller?

What is solar charge controller? Solar charge controller is an important component used in solar photovoltaic system, such as solar power system and solar street lamp. It coordinates solar photovoltaic system, which makes by solar cell panel, battery bank, and load, to ensure the whole system operate efficiently and safely. How does solar charge controllerContinue reading “What is Solar Charge Controller?”

6 Best Gadgets on your Backpacking Checklist

Since the high summer is coming, an interesting hiking, camping trip may be already on your agenda. However, the first step would be packing. On your backpacking checklist, besides the regular items we have to collect like clothes, shoes, sunglasses, here are some advice to get the extra space in your backpack filled in practically.Continue reading “6 Best Gadgets on your Backpacking Checklist”

Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc

As for a few days camping or outdoor activity, a 15 watt solar panel is the most suitable choice for its moderate power and portable size. Here we picked up top 3 15 watt solar panel from different brands including Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc. Let’s see the detailed information below. Anker  Anker is always workingContinue reading “Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc”

Solar Power Stands Out From Renewable Energies

Will you be a little familiar with solar power? As a new and powerful renewable energy, it works on providing human renewable energy source and solving human survival issues fiercely. Just to refine the definition, what is solar power? What is a solar power?   We get the solar power from the Sun. The natureContinue reading “Solar Power Stands Out From Renewable Energies”

Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping

Assuming you are going to camp to places without enough power supply, a portable solar panel is a necessity when you make a “what’s in my bag” list. In passages before we introduced types of solar panel, essential terms of them, compared several solar panels from different brands and stated how to maintain them. Here inContinue reading “Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping”

How to Maintain Solar Panels

Solar panel maintenance is important because insufficient care for solar panels can reduce the amount of energy that these panels generate for your home. Since a solar panel system needs to absorb energy from the sun, the most vital component of solar panel care is to keep the panels clean. You can usually maintain aContinue reading “How to Maintain Solar Panels”

Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review

In the last passage, we explained what solar panel is, different types of solar panel and terms to know before you buy a solar charger in detail. Differ from solar panel, solar power bank is heavier, harder and unfoldable. However, the basic operating principles remain the same. So this time we tested, review and recordContinue reading “Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review”

What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy

Types of solar charger, elements should be considered when buying a solar charger and good recommendations are stated in this passage to help you buy a suitable solar panel. Types of solar panel Let’s start form the material used to make a solar panel cell. Most of photovoltaics are based on some variation of silicon,Continue reading “What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy”

Top 5 Best Solar Chargers

When considering a solar charger, we always have some questions like, what is solar battery and why use a solar charger. Having a solar charger during trip, means you can keep your USB devices full of juice all the time with a sustainable source of power. Solar charger costs more but also more eco-friendly than aContinue reading “Top 5 Best Solar Chargers”