How is iPhone X different from iPhone 7

Apple has commemorated the iPhone’s 10th anniversary with a special edition phone named the iPhone X.After been the subject of rumor for many months,now all the official details of iPhone X have been revealed. Display The current iPhone 7 has two sizes with the standard model featuring two different LCD panels,4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Both offer theContinue reading “How is iPhone X different from iPhone 7”

How much will the iPhone 7 price drop after the release of Apple iPhone 8?

With Apple’s fall event draws near, most of Apple fans are expecting the release of new iPhone 8. However, there are some people who are waiting for the price drop of iPhone 7 after the release of iPhone 8. Will the iPhone 7’s price drop after that? And how much will its price drop? YouContinue reading “How much will the iPhone 7 price drop after the release of Apple iPhone 8?”

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the best Android phone currently since it made a stage pose. The only competitive phone compared with Samsung Galaxy S8 probably is the iPhone 7. What’s the difference between Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7? What’s the superiority of the two handsets separately? Although different aspects have been optimized onContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7”

Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 7

Compared to traditional wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers have advantages such as no cable, easy to carry, no need to plug. You can use it more flexible. An excellent Bluetooth speaker can maintain a logical size under the premise of high-quality speakers, reasonable interior design and high-level tuning, so that the product has a better soundContinue reading “Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 7”

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone

 The new iPhone 7 line provides up to 256 GB storage, which makes it perfect for home and outdoor entertainment with stored music and video files. For the concern of quick connection and portability, wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the best choice to meet the requirements. There are a number of categories and options on theContinue reading “Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone”

Best Camera Lens Kits for iPhone 7

iPhone came into the era 7. iPhone 7’s camera with a big upgrade impresses Apple fans, such as iPhone 7’s rear camera features a f/1.8 aperture 6-element lens, which means iPhone 7 can absorb more light, especially in low-light condition. However, for avid photographer, it’s not enough. To enhance the phone’s built-in camera, you canContinue reading “Best Camera Lens Kits for iPhone 7”

How to download apps for iPhone 7

Most of people like iPhone not just because it is expensive and has nice-looking appearance, but also user-friendly and its powerful function. Thousands of app developers have made more than a million apps and games for iOS operation system. So your iPhone 7 will turn to be very powerful when you download some apps. YouContinue reading “How to download apps for iPhone 7”

What is Draining My iPhone 7 Battery

Smart phone has been the most indispensable electronic product in nowaday society. It has become a part of our body to some extent. Think about your daily life: call, skype, videos, blogging, pictures and so on. People would gradually find that the new iPhone 7 can be charged one time once a day in theContinue reading “What is Draining My iPhone 7 Battery”

iPhone 7 Airpods For Sale Officially

Rumors said that Apple would not be ready for putting iPhone 7 airpods on shelves until Christmas, but the truth is they are available to buy right now. On the Apple official the Airpods are for sale at $159 and the shipping has been postponed to 6 weeks, how popular they are! AirPods wireless headsetsContinue reading “iPhone 7 Airpods For Sale Officially”

Best Speaker Dock for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

You may want to buy a docking station for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. It can provide you the convenience when you are watching videos or making a FaceTime. With your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus comfortably sitting on a docking station, we can use iPhone 7 or 7 Plus hands-free. However,Continue reading “Best Speaker Dock for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus”