Best Way to Charge Your Phone: USB Type-C/ Wireless Charge/ Quick Charge/ Smart Charge

Best Way to Charge Phone

While talking about the ways to charge phone, most of you will round up heaps of ways, traditional or updated, no matter what the way charging phone with a wall socket or with computer and a USB cable, or the way with USB Type-C, or Wireless Charge, or Quick Charge, or Smart Charge. So which is the best way to charge phone? Let’s togethere have a look at their advantages and disadvantages to help you decide on the best way to charge your phone.

USB Type-C 

New kid on the block though, USB Type-C is gradually replacing standard USB 2.0 charging cables, though it is all about the physical connection, like with microUSB and miniUSB. But, what advantages USB Type-C have over its predecessors?

1. Reversible plugs that allows you to charge phone at will, no longer to pay extra attention on plugging in the right way. 

2. Much faster data transfer speeds, up to 10 GB/s.

3. Charge phone at up to 100W at 20V ideally, in comparison with most smartphones are limited to 18-24W.

Best Way to Charge Phone

So what disadvantages USB Type-C are?

1. Up to 10 GB/s data transfer speeds? That’s not always the same case. USB Type-C, actually, is based on the USB 3.1 standard; when it comes to some devices, like the OnePlus 2, the USB Type-C cable is just a re-designed USB 2.0 cable which won’t transfter data any faster than any other USB 2.0 device. 

2. Faster charging speed as rumored? Absolutely not! Take the same example of OnePlus 2, a re-designed USB 2.0 cable could not charge a device with USB Type-C port any faster than a regular 2.0 cable. Why? Because they have the same mechanism inside. While, in fact, charging speed is more determined by the device than the cable. If your phone has a Type-C port and you get a real Type-C cable, then you will get Type-C speeds. 

3. At present, most USB Type-C smartphones are limited to 36W at 12V (the OnePlus 2 to 10W); while for laptops, it will reach upper USB Type-C’s range. 

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Best Way to Charge Phone

Wireless Charge

When talking about wireless charge, most of you will think of Galaxy S6 Edge+. Yeah, it could be said Samsung Galaxy has been leading the trend of wireless charge till now. 

What benefits Wireless Charge brings?

1. Wireless Charge is a convenient way to charge your phone, that is, you could charge your phone without cables any longer, while putting it in a plate. 

2. Wireless Charge means less wear and tear for your phone, that is, you do not need to frequently plug in cable and then yank it out. 

3. Wireless Charge, to some extent, is more eco-friendly, that is, less power wasted as the power will be off at the moment your phone is charged up. 

Best Way to Charge Phone

Any downsides?

1. Wireless Charge will cost you more, as charging docks and platters cost significantly more than a regular cable . If a regular USB Type-C costs you $5, then a wireless dock would cost you as much as $5o for a no-name brand. 

2. Wireless Charge, as tested, is generally around 20% slower than cabled charging. 

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Quick Charge 

Quick Charge, or Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, actually, it’s not all that new. And till now, Quick Charge has updated to Quick Charge 3.0, which has been widely applied, for example, Quick Charge 3.0 charger. How it updated? Let’s see a group of data. 

Quick Charge 1.0 was 40% faster than regular charging;

Quick Charge 2.0 was 75% faster than regular charging;

Quick Charge 3.0, as recently-announced, will be 4 times faster than standard charging.

Yes, faster charging is its greatest strength; and correspondingly, its greatest weakness is limited compatibility. Not all smartphones could enjoy Quick Charge 3.0 faster charging, for example, all iPhones, if your smartphone is not equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 technology. 

Best Way to Charge Phone

Smart Charge

Actually, Smart Charge is exclusive to EasyAcc power banks. How does it work? 

Generally speaking, Smart Charge could intelligently detect your device’s and then output the optimum power at the fastest possible speed. 

Or we could say that’s also the superiority of Smart Charge. While what’s its weekness? Maybe, it could own it to your phone’s weekness. All charging time and speeds, in fact, depend on your phone’s maximum power input. If your phone supports maximum 2 amps power input, then the Smart power bank, for example, can only output maximum 2 amps, even though Smart power bank can output maximum 2.4 amps power. 

So, what’s the difference between Quick Charge and Smart Charge?

Best Way to Charge Phone, Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank, Quick Charge 3.0 Charger

So which is the best way to charge phone?

That depends on what you want out of your battery. 

If you want to prolong your battery life as much as possible, a regular cable charger is the best way to charge phone; if you wanna cableless, then wireless charge is preferrable.

But, if you pursue fastest possible charge time, then you could look for a cabled fast charger or USB Type-C; 

While, if your phone support Quick Charge technology or even especially Quick Charge 3.0, then Quick Charge 3.0 charger is the best way to charge phone; 

But at any time, there will be some even worse charging situation, that is, if your phone support neither USB Type-C nor Quick Charge 3.0 charger, but you still wanna faster charging, what should you do? Smart Charge will save you!

Best Way to Charge Phone


Best Way to Charge Your Phone: USB Type-C/ Wireless Charge/ Quick Charge/ Smart Charge》有27个想法

  1. It doesn’t sound worth bothering with. I charge my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro from a designated USB socket in the wall and it’s fine. Why change?

  2. normal charging through wall outlet. would love to try wireless charging to compare

  3. right now I have and use normal charging… willing to upgrade so thanks for doing the research for us

  4. I would like to try Wireless Charging.
    i’ve a smartphone using usb 3.0 quickcharging and i’m happy with its Charging speed. However I admit I ha to confront the it is not Common to found device with 3.0 compatibility. so I’ve to look for such bank power and i’d love to have a try with the easy acc power bank to consider the purchase of a power bank of greater size.

  5. I like to hook a wire to my hamster wheel and when they run they create electricity. I the charge my electronics. Nature is so cool.

  6. The next generation of charging your tec equipment is wireless! Image what’s next!

  7. The cable from the phone manufacturer always seem to work better than 3rd party products.


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