How to Check Power Bank Capacity

Power bank capacity is the first element to consider when you are to buy a power bank. How to check real power bank capacity becomes a question since there is a large capacity range in current market of power bank. You can buy power bank 2600mAh, 10400mAh, 20000mAh or even more powerful power bank accordingContinue reading “How to Check Power Bank Capacity”

Where to Buy Power Bank Hello Kitty

Can you imagine how cute is a Hello Kitty shape power bank? Power bank is a life necessity of all and Hello kitty has been a dream and love for millions of girls and ladies for years. A power bank hello kitty enables you to feed your phone with an adorable little thing, isn’t itContinue reading “Where to Buy Power Bank Hello Kitty”

How Long to Charge 2600mAh Power Bank the First Time

how long to charge power bank 2600mah first time? for power bank charging time calculation, 3 elements below should be made clear: 1. The capacity of your power bank 2. The input of your power bank 3. The calculation: charging time = capacity / input Take a  power bank 2600mAh (such as Samsung power bankContinue reading “How Long to Charge 2600mAh Power Bank the First Time”

How Many Times Can A 2600mAh Power Bank Charge My Phone?

When you are asking how many times a 2600mAh power bank can charge your phone, there are 2 key information you will need to know: 1. The battery capacity of your phone; 2. The conversion rate of the power bank.   Let’s take the power bank above and an iPhone 6 as an example: the battery capacityContinue reading “How Many Times Can A 2600mAh Power Bank Charge My Phone?”