IGG Castle Clash + EasyAcc = Free Gems and Power

Hello all! Way to win free gems is going to be closed at this moment, but, we prepare a free set of gaming accessories for you. Enter to win prize in GIVEAWAY. We believe most of you are familiar with IGG Castle Clash and play it either on smartphoes or PCs; and this time, we EasyAccContinue reading “IGG Castle Clash + EasyAcc = Free Gems and Power”

Hands-on with top 5 best waterproof power banks 2016

No matter either water or smartphone, we all can’t live without them. While taking to power up your smartphone till the last drop of water, we have portable power bank; and furthermore, we have portable waterproof and rugged power bank with a certified water-resistant rating. These rough but tough power banks are not only built toContinue reading “Hands-on with top 5 best waterproof power banks 2016”

Giveaways: Best Holiday Gifts for Mother’s Day (EasyAcc 6000mAh ultra slim power bank)

Hey guys, it’s our weekly giveaways for you again. What cool gadget we’re giving away this time? We got the winner Kayce C, congratulation! But, the giveaway is still continue, ENTER TO WIN EasyAcc fabulous portable bluetooth speaker.   EasyAcc 6000mAh ultra slim power bank which is recommended by THEWIRECUTTER!  Know more about ultra slim power bank here. Win hundredsContinue reading “Giveaways: Best Holiday Gifts for Mother’s Day (EasyAcc 6000mAh ultra slim power bank)”

EasyAcc ultra slim power bank 10000mAh

No more words about why we do need a portable power bank in such a power-consuming-fast time, surely, if you’re not a phone-lover and your phone’s battery could last a whole day, okay, you could get away this power item.    What is a portable power bank? Actually you could also call it “mobile battery”, “external battery”,Continue reading “EasyAcc ultra slim power bank 10000mAh”

Best power bank 20000mAh in German, EasyAcc or Anker?

Have you got a power bank? How many power banks do you have? What’s the best power bank 20000mah in German? Okay, let’s find the answer.   Before you buy a power bank, you should read some articles before. One of these basic tips is “what is mAh”. In brief, mAh is a measure unitContinue reading “Best power bank 20000mAh in German, EasyAcc or Anker?”

Top Questions about Power Bank–Part 2

Nowadays, the 3C products “battery short board” becomes the common troubled big problem for people. External battery such as external battery 10000mah is indeed for people when they go out. Here are some questions about power bank:     How to maintain the battery?  Please charge its power to over 30% of capacity if you’reContinue reading “Top Questions about Power Bank–Part 2”

Top Questions about Power Bank–Part 1

With modern increasing needs of information and entertainment for electronic products, there are more and more electric products around us, and at the same time, the increasing demand for electricity with the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile Internet terminal products, all these deepen people’s power needs. Here are some questions aboutContinue reading “Top Questions about Power Bank–Part 1”

With great power comes great responsibility, what to charge first?

#SaturdayChoice, this time, comes to power banks.    No more words about why we carry around a power bank and what we can benefit from it.   Only to recommend you some new power banks. They are something special, something functional, something stylish, something new to the taste…   Knomad Mini Power Bank Attached withContinue reading “With great power comes great responsibility, what to charge first?”

Who’s the Best: EasyAcc VS Limefuel power bank 20000mAh

If you need to charge a phone repeatedly or keep a full-sized tablet and phone topped up through a week or prolong hours of Macbook Air working time while on an international flight, look no further, the EasyAcc Power Bank 20000mAh is what you should choose.    UNBOXING Packed in a simple frustration-free cardboard box, the portableContinue reading “Who’s the Best: EasyAcc VS Limefuel power bank 20000mAh”

Who’s the Best: EasyAcc power bank 6000mAh

We know that when it comes to portable power bank, someone who wants a pocketable power bank for topping off a phone only on occasion has different needs than a business traveler who wants to keep a tablet and two phones charged for back-to-back international flights. For each scenario, we set out to find the bestContinue reading “Who’s the Best: EasyAcc power bank 6000mAh”