Exciting Technology Haul – Rugged Power Bank 20000 & Other Useful Stuffs

Camping season is coming; joyful music, good food and full power are necessities of a nice trip. Here in this video, Dave will introduce some exciting technology hauls which you will need for an unforgettable camping, everything but power and safety-proof rugged power bank 20000mAh and Bluetooth headphones included.   

Top 5 Best Waterproof Power Bank 2016

Waterproof power bank is now become a necessity when you trip to areas such as forest and seaside since there is no power supply and your devices are possibly exposed to water. Portability, conversion rate and quality of material are essential elements to judge a waterproof power bank. So here in this passage, we testedContinue reading “Top 5 Best Waterproof Power Bank 2016”

Hands-on with top 5 best waterproof power banks 2016

No matter either water or smartphone, we all can’t live without them. While taking to power up your smartphone till the last drop of water, we have portable power bank; and furthermore, we have portable waterproof and rugged power bank with a certified water-resistant rating. These rough but tough power banks are not only built toContinue reading “Hands-on with top 5 best waterproof power banks 2016”

EasyAcc Rugged Power Bank 20000mAh Chimera Revo Review: Indestructible and Waterproof

Let’s face it, the web and the stores are filled with Power Bank in various capacities and sizes. They can offer an ideal solution for every user requirement. However, today we want to tell you about a Portable Power Bank rather special because it has a robust body and certification IP67 (what does IP67 mean?)Continue reading “EasyAcc Rugged Power Bank 20000mAh Chimera Revo Review: Indestructible and Waterproof”