Top 5 Best Waterproof Power Bank 2016

Waterproof power bank is now become a necessity when you trip to areas such as forest and seaside since there is no power supply and your devices are possibly exposed to water. Portability, conversion rate and quality of material are essential elements to judge a waterproof power bank. So here in this passage, we testedContinue reading “Top 5 Best Waterproof Power Bank 2016”

Not To Be A Wallhugger Any More

What’s #smashing today? If you are still lingering on which kind of smartphones or tablets with longer battery life OR waiting for the innovation of lithium battery OR taking your device chargers along and looking for the wall charger whenever and wherever you are, won’t you regret for that? Why not just select one suitable portable power bank and enjoyContinue reading “Not To Be A Wallhugger Any More”