5 Stellar Wall Chargers to Buy this Winter



As the temperature drops, you may be inclined to stay indoors, crank the heat up and stay with you smartphone, iPad and any other electronic devices all the day. However, how to keep your smart devices powered all the time? The answer is to having several wall chargers in your home.

There is nothing better than a handy charger that lets you keep your smart devices all the time. Also the stock charger that comes with your smart devices is cool and tiny enough, but it has its own limitations. You can only charge one devices in a time.

Having a portable wall charger which got two or more USB ports with the right rating will definitely charge more devices in one time. Moreover , you will appreciate the value of the dual-USB portable wall chargers if you are carrying a smartphone power back.

Here I marked out some cool and Highly-rated portable wall chargers for you electronic devices.


1: EasyAcc 2-Port and 3-Port


The EasyAcc Wall Charger which combined with ‘Smart’ technology is the best multiport USB charger for most people. Also, it’s the most powerful charger that plugs directly into a wall outlet. And it’s not only high quality but also quite affordable.

Talking about its ‘Smart’ technology, many people may confuse about the meaning. And simply speaking, its means the circuitry in the charger will able to tell whether you’re plugging in your devices and what the device’s system is. Android or iOS? And then, the charger will able to deliver the appropriate amount of current for the fastest charging speed. Sounds fabulous!


2: Solid Trust


It is features a design that closely resembles the iPad charger. Within the same rating through 3.1A total output at 15W, the Solid Trust can charge two devices simultaneously. A must-have for any globetrotter, this charger boasts features like interchangeable plugs, dual ports, LCD, universal USB power adapter and best protections.


3: Vinsic 2.4A USB Charger

Needless to say, Vinsic is an extremely inexpensive alternative to the stock iPhone charger which is known to sometimes take forever to charge. Using the particular model will ensure that the charging is done much faster because of high output.

Moreover, it has a dual USB port that allows it to charge two smart devices at the same time and offers an output of 2.4A which is higher than other chargers. It is made in black and very compact and comes with a built in safety that prevents the phone from overcharging.


4: iClever 3.1A 15W Dual USB Wall Charger.


To be noted that the top one offers faster charging as it has an output of 2.1 amps while the bottom one has 1 amp. It can be extremely useful for people that travel and need to charge two phones at the same time. Also, it is compact and very good prices. Built quality is decent durability should not be an issue as it comes with 2 year warranty. No worries anymore.


5: aLLreLi


aLLreLi charger kit helps you charge all your iOS devices while you on the go.

Strengthened with unique design, smart IC technolohy ad compact size, the aLLreLi dual USB travel charger helps you charge your communication devices in more than 150 countries.

A must-have for any globetrotter, this charger boasts features like interchangeable plugs, dual ports, LCD, universal USB power adapter and best protections.


Ready to brave the icy grip of winter’s chill? No problem. With these stellar wall chargers you can withstand the elements, whether you are climbing Everest, staying at home or getting the mail.


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