Best OnePlus 5T Charger


The new OnePlus 5T said hello to the world at the end of 2017 with large screen and skinny bezels, barely a half year after the launch of the famous OnePlus 5. As always, OnePlus 5T offers fantastic features with a great price, you can directly purchase one from OnePlus official website or Amazon


I wrapped up the Pros and Cons of OnePlus 5T for your reference.

Pros Cons
High-quality 6.01-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen Not waterproof
Slick software experience No expandable storage
Good-looking with a headphone jack Arrives with old Android 7.1.1
Face and fingerprint reader  Average 16-megapixel and 20-megapixel rear cameras
Snapdragon 835 Processor  
3300mAh battery and impressive Dash charge  
Affordable flagship phone from $499  

Generally speaking, OnePlus 5T is a quite cost-effective phone, to be compared with its out-of-stock predecessor OnePlus 5, the screen size is extended to 6 inch and it’s nearly edge-to-edge, bigger display with super fast-running software at an affordable price, OnePlus 5T has got most customers’ support, especially the limited Sandstone white edition, a perfect embodiment of beauty and performance, it was sold out immediately at the release moment.

Since Apple iPhone X has stepped into the group of fast charging as well, the capability of fast charging becomes an essential value to purchase or upgrade a smartphone these days. As always, OnePlus uses its exclusive Dash Charge to kill the rivals with super fast charging speed.  How fast is the Dash Charge? As OnePlus claimed, in just 30 minutes, Dash Charge OnePlus 5T with enough battery life for the day, it’ll get your phone back to 100% in barely over an hour. It also doesn’t heat the phone up too much and won’t slow-down charging when you’re playing games.


Thus, the original charger comes with the phone should be the best OnePlus 5T charger, however, it’s not that friendly for daily commuters or long-distance travelers since you’re restricted to using the bundled plug and cable if you want the super fast charging speed. The official portable charger has not been released yet, if you take a conventional power bank with your OnePlus 5T, the charging speed might dramatically slow down. 

What about the charging specs? The charging protocol OnePlus 5T uses is 5V/4A 20W fast charging, if the portable charger you use could meet or approach to the standard it would be a good on-the-go charging solution. There are not so many power banks on the market can meet the requirement, therefore I picked 3 candidates which can provide 5V/3A charging, about 20 minutes slower than Dash Charge.

1.EasyAcc 16750mAh portable charger [$37.99 At Amazon]

Both output charging ports support 5V/3A and Quick Charge protocols, additionally it features dual-port input (including a type-C ) for maximum 5A input recharging, which means it can be recharged up to full in merely 3.5 hours.


2.Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger [$29.99 At Amazon]

One of the best sellers from the leading charging brand Anker, the output supports 5V/3A at maximum( Not Quick Charge), input charging is limited in 5V/2A (about 8.5 hours recharging time), it’s a compact power bank with at a fair price.


3.RAVPower 12000 Portable Charger [$29.99 At Amazon]

Like the EasyAcc 16750mAh portable charger, it supports 5V/3A and Quick Charge protocols, however, it sports 2.4A input (approximately 6.5 hours recharging time).



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