Best Wall Chargers for Summer Holidays

best wall chargers

best wall chargers

Warm sunny beaches, lazy quiet rivers are so attractive in this summer season. You may go hiking on the mountains with you friends or maybe your perfect getaway is a tent in the backyard with kids.

Wherever your holiday takes you this summer, every piece of mobile tech these days requires a USB wall charger especially in holidays, the power are easy to run out. And more and more these days, I find myself needing multiple USB ports when I am travel. I’m going to carry two with me during the day, one for the tablet and one for the mobile charger. So having a great wall charger within your summer trip is always a cool idea.


best wall chargers


Here, we find the Top 5 best wall chargers to share with you, hope you guys will like it.


Top 1: iClever BoostCube 3-Port


best wall chargers


The iClever BoostCube include three-port USB charger with clever circuitry that charge 2.4A each for a total of 7.2A.

Each port is properly labeled as 2.4A and has the indicator for Smart ID which means that it will AutoDetect devices plugged in and charge them at their optimal charging rates. Meaning, if you plug your iPhone into one of the ports, it will not charge it at 2.4A if the device cannot handle it. Android phones for example will charge at 1A when plugged into this device port. So there is no worry about overcurrent charging.

Overall it’s a nice, simple design, yet effective wall charger made by iClever.



Top 2: AmazonBasics 60W 6-Port USB Charger


For the AmazonBasics 60W6-Port USB Charger, it would be a nice choice for the people who need a reliable, stable, and effcient portable wall charger. High transfer speeds which up to 2.4 amps of each port. You can definitely enjoy its quick charge times and effcient power usage.

Also, the charger made with high-grade materials that boost the oveall integrity and safety of the charging. Inside there’s a protective safety switch to ensure stable performance and operation for every device plugged into it.


More cutely is that the charger equipped with a small LED that indicates it’s currently functioning as needed.


Top 3: EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger

best wall chargers

Designed for frequent travel, EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger is a keenly priced dual-port USB charger which equipped with the latest Quick Charge 3.0 Technology and Smart Port in order to deliver quick charging times no matter what kinds of devices you need to charge.

Within the Smart ID and Multiple Circuit Protections insides, it can optimize the charging performance and protects your device from damage.  Travel worthy!


Top 4: Anker 20W 2-Port USB Wall Charger

best wall chargers

The Anker 20W 2-Port USB Charger is a compact and well-built model using the PowerIQ technology. It’s also durable, has a standard plug that connects to most wall outlet, each port’s transfer speed can up to 2.4 amps. Well-designed quick charge system can deliver fast results without damaging your phone.

Work fast and safely.


Top 5: Scosche superCUBE filp Charger

best wall chargers

This tiny USB charger is made by Scosche. Within the cool and colorful appearance has gain high oral reputation on Amazon.

Its charge tablets singly and simultaneously, and has a compact and portable size that makes it an excellent travel accessory.

Within functional safety features and 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. You can definitely trust it!


best wall chargers

Just for both fun and peace of mind, don’t leave home without these! Summer, Cheers!


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