Samsung galaxy S8 adaptive fast charging wall charger

Over the past few year, Samsung has launched a series of smartphone, especially for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. They are offered up a premium design and impressive feature set out over the ill-conceived Galaxy S5.However towards the end of the 2017, something went wrong. Due to the explosion of Galaxy Note 7, theContinue reading “Samsung galaxy S8 adaptive fast charging wall charger”

Best Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and fitness trackers etc. we always have a lot of devices to charge in daily life. Inevitably, some of you will be confused by multiple chargers and so much clutter. Luckily, here comes a way to help you charge all your gadgets with one plug. That is to choose a bestContinue reading “Best Charging Station for Multiple Devices”

Difference between wall charger and travel adapter

When we travel to outside, it is not enough to only take charger, we also need to bring power adapter to convert the power for us. Because some place provide different AC Power with our mobile phone requested power parameter, in this case, the charger won’t be workable, and then we need power adapter toContinue reading “Difference between wall charger and travel adapter”

Best Wall Chargers Review of 2016 Ever

The developments of smart device gadgets are likely continue to influence the lives of millions of people positively. For instance, they have eased communication via cellular networks and the internet, lowered the cost of doing business via teleconferencing, and made socializing fun. However, it’s not easy to keep them powered all the time without aContinue reading “Best Wall Chargers Review of 2016 Ever”

Giveaways: EasyAcc 36W 3-Port USB Wall Charger and USB Charger 6-Port Desktop Charging Station

Hello all!  Chance to win a new free set of housing and travel essentials is waiting for all EasyAcc fans. Waterproof power bank tops your buying list as the summer accessories, then what will you bring for spring travel? How about the new coming EasyAcc  QC 3.0 Power Bank? Actually, we prepare a set of portable chargers asContinue reading “Giveaways: EasyAcc 36W 3-Port USB Wall Charger and USB Charger 6-Port Desktop Charging Station”

How to Charge Fitbit In Different Three Ways

Fitbit is a wearable wireless device that measures a number of personal, fitness, and health related metrics from sleep quality to the number of steps walked. Users can sync the Fitbit device with their PC, view detailed data in graphs and charts through, and work to reach fitness goals with friends and family. KeepingContinue reading “How to Charge Fitbit In Different Three Ways”

Say Goodbye to Your Multiple Adapters & Outlets

What’s #smashing today? One essential item for any gadget geek is a USB wall charger. They come with most mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, and chances are, you have a bunch of them occupying outlets all over your house. The EasyAcc 4-Port USB Wall Charger is one of the more thoughtfully designed third-party wall chargersContinue reading “Say Goodbye to Your Multiple Adapters & Outlets”

Hot Sales for 5 cool gadgets and accessories on the back-to-school packing list—Updated

  Still feeling lazy in the summer heat and don’t wanna go back to school? EasyAcc knows the pain and that’s why we are making a list of what electronic gadgets and accessories that you should pack into your bag. With these stuff, your new campus life ahead will be so much easier. We makeContinue reading “Hot Sales for 5 cool gadgets and accessories on the back-to-school packing list—Updated”

Germany the Champion

  What’s #smashing today? Well, as the world cup has just finished, but the brilliant performance German team has provided is still fresh and we cannot be any prouder of Germany. We see how powerful a team can be and the diligence will pay off eventually. Germany, you are beyond the champion. So what weContinue reading “Germany the Champion”