Best OnePlus 5T Charger

The new OnePlus 5T said hello to the world at the end of 2017 with large screen and skinny bezels, barely a half year after the launch of the famous OnePlus 5. As always, OnePlus 5T offers fantastic features with a great price, you can directly purchase one from OnePlus official website or Amazon.  I wrappedContinue reading “Best OnePlus 5T Charger”

Can I Charge A 3.7V Battery Pack With 5V Charger?

Your daily used Power Bank is equipped with a 3.7V cell, but the charger hast a 5V output, will you consider, if is safe to charge a 3.7V battery with a 5V charger? “My charger port is broke and I want to charge the battery pack, I need to know if a 5v charger willContinue reading “Can I Charge A 3.7V Battery Pack With 5V Charger?”