Does Samsung Galaxy S21 come with a charger ?

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 has become a surprise at the beginning of 2021.There are many changes comparing other previous Samsung Galaxy series.The most welcomed change Samsung has done for the Galaxy S21 family is no other than reverting back to the flat display.Besides,Samsung Galaxy has also great performance in hardware and software, also incorporates the lightweight One UI.But there is another change we can discuss.Samsung Galaxy S21 does not come with a charging brick in the box. The move is hot on the heels of Apple, which did the exact same thing with the iPhone 12, and Samsung won’t be stopping with its latest phone.

We all know that  Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra comes with a 25W charger that gives you a day’s worth of power with little wait time.Why does Samsung Galaxy S21 ditch the chargers?According to the Head of the Customer Experience Office at Samsung, there will be the same action for next generation Samsung Galaxy smartphones.The main reason for removing the charger and earphones is to help address sustainable consumption issues and remove any pressure that consumers may feel towards continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones.Obviously, it can bring a few more profits for companies,money that would have otherwise been spent on such bundled accessories.For comsumers, it is rather unfriendly to ditch the charger and earphone in the box.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is equipped with Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 15W.So, wireless charging is also a good way to charge the device.What ‘s more, Here is a another way to quikly charge the Samsung Galaxy series if you don’t have the charger for emergency.We can try the wireless Powershare mode.This is a really cool feature what it allows you to use it to charge.You just enable the wireless powershare mode and go to the battery and device care.Then ,Select battery and scroll down to turn on the wireless power sharing,Just put the device that out of charging on the back of another full charge samsung galaxy phone .Is that cool, right ? And it can also charge for the smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy S21 has developed this wireless powershare mode.You can have a try under the emergency . If you choose the Samsung Gaalxy S21 for the first time, here are some good accessories you can buy.

1.Adaptive Fast Charger kit Compatible Samsung Galaxy S21 /S21 Ultra 5G


2.Anker PowerPort III Nano

 Buy Anker PowerPort III Nano:Price:$16.99

3.SPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Case


4.GESMA Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, [1 Case+2 Screen Protector]


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