Best Illuminated Keyboard 2017

Keyboard is an important accessory for most of us, especially for those who spend a lot of time working with a computer. In this article I will introduce three of the best illuminated keyboards which enable you to type easily in low light or even in darkness. Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 Pros: Auto-adjusting illusion;Continue reading “Best Illuminated Keyboard 2017”

Best Wired Keyboard for Mac

Mac is fascinated by numerous people with its strong performance, as for office workers or freelance writers, it almost becomes something inevitable. To maximize the use of a mac, you can never ignore the importance of a keyboard. Different from the wireless one, a wired keyboard is more ideal for high-intensity operation and engenders lessContinue reading “Best Wired Keyboard for Mac”

Mac Compatible Keyboards

If we compare a computer to a locked box of treasures, then the keyboard would be the key to open it. So what about Mac users with their apple-style chocolate keys? Well, we would suggest to replace or backup another one to operate a Mac and evident its power. Though the market is filled withContinue reading “Mac Compatible Keyboards”

Best Illuminated Keyboard for Mac

When speaking of laptop accessories, it is hard to find any other accessories that show more importance than the keyboard, the input tool. Taking advantage of the design of traditional keyboard, the illuminated one provides more convenience for typing in darkness. And in some products, like Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard, you may even surprisingly find thatContinue reading “Best Illuminated Keyboard for Mac”

Why Are Gaming Keyboards Not Wireless

When it comes to PC gaming, there exists an old debate that is whether users should use wired or wireless peripheral. The common case is that more gamers are choosing to use wireless mice but still a few people in using wireless keyboard. Why? Beyond question, there are pros and cons for both types ofContinue reading “Why Are Gaming Keyboards Not Wireless”

Best Wireless Keyboard for Mac

Keyboard is one of the vital peripherals to make you get most of your Mac. However, to match the increasing popularity of Mac, you may find that there are so many Mac keyboard options available in the market which makes you harder to choose a right one. Fortunately, if you know what to look for,Continue reading “Best Wireless Keyboard for Mac”

Wireless Mouse VS Wired for Gaming

The debate over wireless and wired mouse has been prevailing for years. Some people regard wireless mouse as an advancement of traditional mouse and are fascinated by its flexibility while others swear by wired mouse for fewer lag especially at the moment of gaming. Well, let’s go for the pros and cons of each mouseContinue reading “Wireless Mouse VS Wired for Gaming”

How to Adjust Mouse Sensitivity on Window/Mac

You may use your mouse every day for the purpose of working or entertaining, but how much do you know about your mouse? Have you ever thought about adjusting its sensitivity so as to enhance or decrease the speed in which the cursor moves? In this article, I’ll introduce ways of adjusting mouse sensitivity inContinue reading “How to Adjust Mouse Sensitivity on Window/Mac”

Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac

If you are an office worker and always spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, typing, then you may need change a keyboard now. In this article I will list three of the best ergonomic keyboards for Mac, which can help reduce the fatigue caused by long typing sessions. Product PriceContinue reading “Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac”

How to Clean Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboards are usually indispensable part of computers, and most people are found like using mechanical keyboard as its quick responsiveness. But cleaning a mechanical keyboard is a universal struggle, which needs both patience and skills. There are many ways available online, but some of them are risky to try. In order to avoid ruining yourContinue reading “How to Clean Mechanical Keyboard”