Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100

You might find PC gaming is a kind of expensive hobby, but actually not really. A high-end keyboard is vital for a cool gaming experience, so searching of cost-effective gaming keyboards is often something gamers do. Luckily, there are many options available in the market from different price levels. If you are a little bitContinue reading “Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100”

Best Gaming Keyboards for Mac

Well, I have an iMac and a Mac, and occasionally I would also be a gamer. But right now, the magic keyboard seems not that suitable for my gaming time. It’s time to have another keyboard to replace for both working and gaming. How to choose one? Keep reading. 1. Redimp GK100 Gaming Keyboard forContinue reading “Best Gaming Keyboards for Mac”

Best Backlit Keyboard for Mac

Since you use your keyboard frequently no matter for finishing work tasks or for getting fun, and sometimes you may need to burn the midnight oil to meet a deadline, or be on a marathon gaming session, I think this article recommending the best backlit keyboard for Mac might be helpful for you.  Product PriceContinue reading “Best Backlit Keyboard for Mac”

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity

Have you ever complained about the sensitivity of your mouse while you are playing games, especially the shooting games which require a high aiming precision? And are you still looking for the methods to change your mouse sensitivity? If your answer is definitely yes, then this is an useful article for you to learn howContinue reading “How to Change Mouse Sensitivity”

Best Gaming Mouse For New Gamer

We all know that gaming mouse is one of the must-have equipment for PC gamers and almost every experienced gamer has his or her own decent gaming mouse. But for new gamers, they might still use a generic mouse to play games due to their knowing nothing about how to choose a suitable gaming mouse.Continue reading “Best Gaming Mouse For New Gamer”

Top 5 Wired PS4 Keyboards Under $50 of 2017

Which gaming platform is best: PC or console? Well, it mostly depends on what kinda of games you’re engaging with. Here, we just want to tell you that some consoles can be connected to keyboard, for example, PlayStation 4. Before introducing compatible PS4 keyboards, here’s the tip on How to Connect a Keyboard to Your PlayStationContinue reading “Top 5 Wired PS4 Keyboards Under $50 of 2017”

Best Small Gaming Mouse to Buy

Not all gaming mice are created equally and alike, despite whether wired or wireless mouse is better for gaming. Taking the size for example, some are well for big hands; while some are good choices for small hands. So how to buy a gaming mouse which could well suit your palm size? Here’s the guideContinue reading “Best Small Gaming Mouse to Buy”

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands of 2017

What’s the foremost point when you’re ready to buy a mouse? Well, when wandering around forums, communities, and even asking in Quora, most answers are about the feel of grip and touch, no matter who you’re, a serious gamer, or casual gamer, or even just for daily work use. There’re a few types gaming miceContinue reading “Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands of 2017”

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under $50

There’re best gaming keyboards under $50; also there’re best gaming mice under $50. Are there best gaming keyboard and mouse combo under $50? Surely yes for that and here we’ll introduce some, including wireless and wired keyboard and mouse combo that look great and perform flawlessly.  #1 Redragon S101 Vajra  Keyboard – 104 standard keys,Continue reading “Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under $50”

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $50 for 2017

Where is your next gaming mouse? Here it is. From the experience of using on FPS gaming, we’ve rounded up 5 budget oriented gaming mice under $50 for 2017. #5 Redimp GM200 RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Basically speaking, the GM200 is a standard seven-button ambidextrous mouse, including the standard left, middle, and right click, aContinue reading “Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $50 for 2017”