Mac Compatible Keyboards

If we compare a computer to a locked box of treasures, then the keyboard would be the key to open it. So what about Mac users with their apple-style chocolate keys? Well, we would suggest to replace or backup another one to operate a Mac and evident its power.

Though the market is filled with various keyboards compatible with Mac, to find a likable match seems difficult. Here we will introduce some products with high popularity for your reference to Mac compatible keyboards.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 ($56.79)

When it comes to wireless, some people may negate it without a second thought—it is really troublesome to prepare batteries for backup! Then, here comes the good news–this keyboard perfectly solved this problem by light powering. The light-powered keyboard works where you do and charges itself with lamplight or sunlight, indoors or outdoors. And for people frequent in business travels, there is no better product than it is for its ultra-thin design that goes at 1/3 inch. With it, you are expected to travel at yourself more easily.

Mac Compatible Keyboard from Logitech

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac ($91.61)

Logitech K811 is designed with Bluetooth technology and allows one touch easy-switch from your Mac to your iPad or iPhone or Apple TV, which establishes a reliable wireless connection to your Bluetooth-enabled Apple devices. Additionally, it is an illuminated keyboard designed with sharp, bright backlit keys, and moreover, thanks to the auto-adjusting illumination, the keyboard dims to save power when you step away from it and brighten when you return. Unlike many wireless keyboards that require batteries for backup, this product is free from battery backup with USB cable charging. As long as your mac is electricity available, you will never bothered by the dilemma of keyboard powered off.

Wireless Compatible Mac Keyboard

Lofree ($129)

95% of all mechanical keyboards are made for gamers. They are bulky, wired and full with features that you that you probably won’t use. Inspired by typewriters, lofree is a wireless mechanical keyboard that is retro and elegant with spherical round keycaps which perfect fit your fingers. It introduces advanced features like simultaneously pairing to three devices, different backlit options, wireless/wired mode and more .In addition to its unique design, it is also a compact and portable one that is suitable for carry.

Lofree Compatible Mac Keyboard

Logic Keyboard Final Cut Pro XShortcut ($149.90)

This product is covered by many keyboard shortcuts and is ideal for post-production facilities, professional video editing houses and anyone else who requires all the custom key commands to readily accessible from a dedicated, clearly labeled, color-coded keyboard.

It has all the same function keys as Apple’s keyboards, so you can control iTunes or adjust the brightness and volume. Also, it can be used like an ordinary keyboard for typing in Microsoft Word and other programs, and there’s a numeric keypad for data entry as well.

Logic Compatible Keyboard for Mac


If you want to get more alternatives about mac compatible keyboards, you can also refer to here.


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