Why Are Gaming Keyboards Not Wireless

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When it comes to PC gaming, there exists an old debate that is whether users should use wired or wireless peripheral. The common case is that more gamers are choosing to use wireless mice but still a few people in using wireless keyboard. Why? Beyond question, there are pros and cons for both types of keyboards. While facing the trade-offs, here are some reasons tell you why gaming keyboards are not wireless.

You get wireless varieties in two types: Bluetooth or Radio Frequency (R/F). Bluetooth keyboards are pretty straightforward, but they require your computer to have a Bluetooth controller. And R/F keyboards come with a tiny USB dongle that needs to be plugged into one of the USB ports on your computer. Although both wireless keyboards are free you from clutters of cables and convenient for you to make some movement while gaming, but sometime you should get these convenience at the expense of some else more important factors to a gamer.

Why Wired Mouse is Good for Gaming

Connection and Battery Life

Generally speaking, gaming makes high requirements for speed and smooth and it is a little kind time-consuming activity. When you game with wired peripherals, there is no need to worry about battery life or connectivity because they are plugged in, however, you will run risks of wireless peripherals as their batteries might die in the middle of a gaming, leaving the you with no way to control what is happening. What’s worse is that wireless connectivity could lead to a large amount of lag which may be from a sleep mode used to preserve battery, a poor connection, random un-syncing of wireless products, and interference.


Wired keyboards are said to register key clicks more quickly than wireless keyboards; in some cases, wireless keyboards have not even registered all key clicks made. From this, most gamers have a large consensus.

Wireless Mouse is not Good for Gaming


Gaming is not initially a cheap hobby. When comes to buy a wireless keyboard, you can generally increase your cost. The matter of fact is that if you game a lot you might have to consistently replace batteries which will definitely extend your expense despite that wireless keyboards tend to cost more than wired models at the very beginning.

Why Are Gaming Keyboard Not Wireless

Wireless Has Pairing Issues

This is a biggest problem of Bluetooth keyboard, For example, you may be bothered that Windows 7 isn’t compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and versions of Android older than 4.3 Jelly Bean won’t support Bluetooth’s Low Energy extension. Compare to its merits, this demerit can totally ruin your mood to game.

To conclude, wireless keyboards are not always convenient tool for everyone, especially for gamers you should consider carefully before buying your new keyboard for gaming.

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