How to use Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone and Mac

Ever since the year when iPhone X with released, Face ID became much loved by Apple fans as a way to quickly unclock iPhone and iPad. However, as wearing a mask is a necessary at the present, Face ID no longer brings convenience as much as before, leaving many to have to enter the passcodeContinue reading “How to use Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone and Mac”

Best Wired Keyboard for Mac

Mac is fascinated by numerous people with its strong performance, as for office workers or freelance writers, it almost becomes something inevitable. To maximize the use of a mac, you can never ignore the importance of a keyboard. Different from the wireless one, a wired keyboard is more ideal for high-intensity operation and engenders lessContinue reading “Best Wired Keyboard for Mac”

Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Mac

Value of Money Mac operating system can only be installed by iMac or MacBook, therefore, the only brand you can purchase is Apple and maybe it’s hard to find a satisfactory result. For example, if you pay $999 for MacBook Air, which released 9 years ago and has a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor,Continue reading “Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Mac”