Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2017

Game lovers always spend a lot of time and money searching for and buying excellent keyboards, mice, headsets and high-refresh displays in order to get better gaming experience. However, mouse pad, which is easy to be forgotten by gamers, can also make a difference. In this article,the editor recommends Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2017Continue reading “Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2017”

Do I Need A Gaming Mouse Pad

When talking about PC game setups, the words firstly came into our mind are mechanical keyboard, high-DPI gaming mice, comfy headsets and high refresh-rate display. However, as an essential part of the PC gaming experience, a suitable mouse pad is your necessary setup as well. A suitable mouse pad to a fancy gaming mouse isContinue reading “Do I Need A Gaming Mouse Pad”

How to Clean A Gaming Mouse Pad

What you will do when you spilled some sweet tea on your gaming mouse pad or your light-colored gaming mouse pad has got dirty? Throw it away and get a new one? Well, nobody will critisize that if you do so, though. While, no matter what you’re for, something emotional from a passionate and professionalContinue reading “How to Clean A Gaming Mouse Pad”

Best Android Tablet for Gaming

Nowadays, people like to use smartphone for very use, music listening, game playing, book reading, shopping and so on. As for most of the game player, the most annoying thing might be the failure due to the too limited screen of a smartphone. Then you might be considering for using a larger screen device, likeContinue reading “Best Android Tablet for Gaming”

Giveaways: Win Castle Clash Free Gems and EasyAcc Gaming Headset & Gaming Mouse

Breaking news, EasyAcc works with IGG Castle Clash to provide castle clash free gems to all new user, only to find the secret code IGG Castle Clash + EasyAcc = Free Gems and Power . What will be the effect of the alliance between Castle Clash and EasyAcc? Not only earn castle clash free gems, but also win free EasyAcc Gamer accessories here! InContinue reading “Giveaways: Win Castle Clash Free Gems and EasyAcc Gaming Headset & Gaming Mouse”

EasyAcc Grampus gaming mouse Review

  I don’t work too much with PC periphery but I have really cool gaming mouse from EasyAcc with codename Grampus. EasyAcc is mostly focused in producing power banks but as you can see they have other products also. Main feature of this gaming mouse is definitely very low price around $20, 3600 DPI andContinue reading “EasyAcc Grampus gaming mouse Review”