How to Check Mouse DPI

When coming to choose a mouse, people like to talk about its DPI and polling rate. Especially for gamers, artists, and designers, for whom the mouse’s high precision and fast reaction time matter a lot. Since some people know little about DPI, I will have a brief introduction about it before I introduce how toContinue reading “How to Check Mouse DPI”

How to Change Mouse Settings

As an important controller for the computer, mouse plays a unique role that cannot be neglected. Though people regard mouse-clicking as a normal work in daily life, there are still a lot of vacant about the detailed function and settings in mind. Here I will introduce the accessible methods to change mouse settings from twoContinue reading “How to Change Mouse Settings”

Best Gaming Mice for Mac

People use Mac more for designing or programming works than for gaming, but it still games well. You can play most MMO and MOBA games on it which gives you fantastic gaming experience just like you can enjoy in your PC. To get the most out of games, a cutting-edge mouse plays a comparable roleContinue reading “Best Gaming Mice for Mac”

Wireless Mouse VS Wired for Gaming

The debate over wireless and wired mouse has been prevailing for years. Some people regard wireless mouse as an advancement of traditional mouse and are fascinated by its flexibility while others swear by wired mouse for fewer lag especially at the moment of gaming. Well, let’s go for the pros and cons of each mouseContinue reading “Wireless Mouse VS Wired for Gaming”

How to Adjust Mouse Sensitivity on Window/Mac

You may use your mouse every day for the purpose of working or entertaining, but how much do you know about your mouse? Have you ever thought about adjusting its sensitivity so as to enhance or decrease the speed in which the cursor moves? In this article, I’ll introduce ways of adjusting mouse sensitivity inContinue reading “How to Adjust Mouse Sensitivity on Window/Mac”

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity

Have you ever complained about the sensitivity of your mouse while you are playing games, especially the shooting games which require a high aiming precision? And are you still looking for the methods to change your mouse sensitivity? If your answer is definitely yes, then this is an useful article for you to learn howContinue reading “How to Change Mouse Sensitivity”

Best Gaming Mouse For New Gamer

We all know that gaming mouse is one of the must-have equipment for PC gamers and almost every experienced gamer has his or her own decent gaming mouse. But for new gamers, they might still use a generic mouse to play games due to their knowing nothing about how to choose a suitable gaming mouse.Continue reading “Best Gaming Mouse For New Gamer”

Best Small Gaming Mouse to Buy

Not all gaming mice are created equally and alike, despite whether wired or wireless mouse is better for gaming. Taking the size for example, some are well for big hands; while some are good choices for small hands. So how to buy a gaming mouse which could well suit your palm size? Here’s the guideContinue reading “Best Small Gaming Mouse to Buy”

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands of 2017

What’s the foremost point when you’re ready to buy a mouse? Well, when wandering around forums, communities, and even asking in Quora, most answers are about the feel of grip and touch, no matter who you’re, a serious gamer, or casual gamer, or even just for daily work use. There’re a few types gaming miceContinue reading “Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands of 2017”