Is MacBook Pro 16-inch good for gaming?

 It is so excited to play games on the laptop. But do you know how to choose the most suitable laptop?What’s your first step when you start browsing for the best gaming laptop? Apparently it is required the best configuration and memory. Firstly you need to have price ceiling in mind, then you’ll want to prioritizeContinue reading “Is MacBook Pro 16-inch good for gaming?”

Top RGB Gaming Keyboards Under $50

What is RGB? Well, when overlapping three beams of light – red, green and blue, each numbered for intensity along a slider from 0 to 256, that forms a potential variety of 16.8 million colors. Now, plenty of premium PC keyboards feature a form of backlighting – LEDs that shine through and around each keyContinue reading “Top RGB Gaming Keyboards Under $50”

Wireless Keyboard VS Wired for Gaming

If you are going to buy a keyboard for gaming, the first thing you may consider is whether you should buy a wireless one or wired one. There is a long existing debate between wireless keyboard and wired keyboard, but when it comes to game, it seems not so difficult to make a choice. TheContinue reading “Wireless Keyboard VS Wired for Gaming”

Why Gaming Keyboards Are Not Wireless

The debate over wireless and wired keyboard has been prevailing for years. Some people are fascinated by the brevity and mobility of wireless one, meanwhile, however convenient and highly responsive the wireless one keyboard, professional gamers are just loyal to the wired one. Is that reasonable? Let’s go for the causes. Interference The ability toContinue reading “Why Gaming Keyboards Are Not Wireless”

Best Mechanical Keyboard under $100

Whether for typing or gaming, keyboards are viewed as a critical peripheral. Based on such merits as longer lifespan, responsiveness, durability and limitless customization, mechanical keyboards are gaining more popularity. Many people my hold that mechanical keyboards are often expensive and throw you at least $150 to get one with relatively high quality. Luckily, theContinue reading “Best Mechanical Keyboard under $100”

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

At the beginning of this article, I have one question for you ­­— Do you have a mechanical keyboard? If your answer is “Yes”, then please answer my second question—Do you know what the advantage of a mechanical keyboard is? Well, in this article I will introduce the highlights of mechanical keyboard and then recommendContinue reading “Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac”

Best Illuminated Keyboard 2017

Keyboard is an important accessory for most of us, especially for those who spend a lot of time working with a computer. In this article I will introduce three of the best illuminated keyboards which enable you to type easily in low light or even in darkness. Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 Pros: Auto-adjusting illusion;Continue reading “Best Illuminated Keyboard 2017”

Best Wired Keyboard for Mac

Mac is fascinated by numerous people with its strong performance, as for office workers or freelance writers, it almost becomes something inevitable. To maximize the use of a mac, you can never ignore the importance of a keyboard. Different from the wireless one, a wired keyboard is more ideal for high-intensity operation and engenders lessContinue reading “Best Wired Keyboard for Mac”

Mac Compatible Keyboards

If we compare a computer to a locked box of treasures, then the keyboard would be the key to open it. So what about Mac users with their apple-style chocolate keys? Well, we would suggest to replace or backup another one to operate a Mac and evident its power. Though the market is filled withContinue reading “Mac Compatible Keyboards”

Best Illuminated Keyboard for Mac

When speaking of laptop accessories, it is hard to find any other accessories that show more importance than the keyboard, the input tool. Taking advantage of the design of traditional keyboard, the illuminated one provides more convenience for typing in darkness. And in some products, like Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard, you may even surprisingly find thatContinue reading “Best Illuminated Keyboard for Mac”