Top RGB Gaming Keyboards Under $50

What is RGB? Well, when overlapping three beams of light – red, green and blue, each numbered for intensity along a slider from 0 to 256, that forms a potential variety of 16.8 million colors. Now, plenty of premium PC keyboards feature a form of backlighting – LEDs that shine through and around each keyContinue reading “Top RGB Gaming Keyboards Under $50”

Wireless Keyboard VS Wired for Gaming

If you are going to buy a keyboard for gaming, the first thing you may consider is whether you should buy a wireless one or wired one. There is a long existing debate between wireless keyboard and wired keyboard, but when it comes to game, it seems not so difficult to make a choice. TheContinue reading “Wireless Keyboard VS Wired for Gaming”

How to Check Mouse DPI

When coming to choose a mouse, people like to talk about its DPI and polling rate. Especially for gamers, artists, and designers, for whom the mouse’s high precision and fast reaction time matter a lot. Since some people know little about DPI, I will have a brief introduction about it before I introduce how toContinue reading “How to Check Mouse DPI”

Why Gaming Keyboards Are Not Wireless

The debate over wireless and wired keyboard has been prevailing for years. Some people are fascinated by the brevity and mobility of wireless one, meanwhile, however convenient and highly responsive the wireless one keyboard, professional gamers are just loyal to the wired one. Is that reasonable? Let’s go for the causes. Interference The ability toContinue reading “Why Gaming Keyboards Are Not Wireless”

How to Change Mouse Settings

As an important controller for the computer, mouse plays a unique role that cannot be neglected. Though people regard mouse-clicking as a normal work in daily life, there are still a lot of vacant about the detailed function and settings in mind. Here I will introduce the accessible methods to change mouse settings from twoContinue reading “How to Change Mouse Settings”

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration Windows 7 8 10

If you are a game lover, you must have heard that turning off mouse acceleration brings you better performance. But have you ever thought about the reason for this? Do you know exactly how to turn off mouse acceleration? If your answer is “No”, it doesn’t matter. Read on and you’ll find the answer. WhyContinue reading “How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration Windows 7 8 10”

Best Mechanical Keyboard under $100

Whether for typing or gaming, keyboards are viewed as a critical peripheral. Based on such merits as longer lifespan, responsiveness, durability and limitless customization, mechanical keyboards are gaining more popularity. Many people my hold that mechanical keyboards are often expensive and throw you at least $150 to get one with relatively high quality. Luckily, theContinue reading “Best Mechanical Keyboard under $100”

Best Gaming Mice for Mac

People use Mac more for designing or programming works than for gaming, but it still games well. You can play most MMO and MOBA games on it which gives you fantastic gaming experience just like you can enjoy in your PC. To get the most out of games, a cutting-edge mouse plays a comparable roleContinue reading “Best Gaming Mice for Mac”

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

At the beginning of this article, I have one question for you ­­— Do you have a mechanical keyboard? If your answer is “Yes”, then please answer my second question—Do you know what the advantage of a mechanical keyboard is? Well, in this article I will introduce the highlights of mechanical keyboard and then recommendContinue reading “Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac”