Best Illuminated Keyboard for Mac

Best Illuminated Keyboard for Mac

When speaking of laptop accessories, it is hard to find any other accessories that show more importance than the keyboard, the input tool. Taking advantage of the design of traditional keyboard, the illuminated one provides more convenience for typing in darkness. And in some products, like Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard, you may even surprisingly find that the light is changing with the movement of your finger, which speed up your typing in an unconscious way. Here are some liable products for your Mac.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard ($94.53)

Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is an illuminated one that automatically dims to save power when you step away from the keyboard, and then brightens when you return. Thus, when your finger close to the keys, you will find it brighten up magically and speed up your typing in an unconscious way. As for people who are fascinated in Apple products, Logitech can be good news to you for it allows you to switch from Mac to iPad or iPhone by just one touch and you can use it to communicate more easily. Unlike many wireless keyboards that require battery for support, Logitech is available for USB recharging.

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard for Mac

Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard K740 ($69.99)

It is an illuminated product designed with the key characters illuminated which makes the key more obvious. What’s more, you can also make brightness adjustment with three illumination levels to suit the lighting condition at your disposal. As for people who requires highly for the weight and thickness, it can be a competitive products with 2.3 pounds and ultra-thin profile—1/3 inch, meanwhile, think about it, it is a full-size layout that is likely to provide you the same convenience as you do with a desktop keyboard.

Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard for Mac

CHONCHOW LED Backlit Usb Wired Keyboard ($26.99)

This is a fashionable product with colorful lights and competitive price. It is also a product that is excellent for gaming in light of its advanced rainbow backlight build the perfect surrounding for game and illuminates every character. Also, taking advantage of its IP54 waterproof feature you are free from worrying about the spilt coffee when keep playing the keyboard.

Best Budget Illuminated Mac Keyboard

AULA SI-859 Backlit Gaming Keyboard ($21.75)

Similar to the former one, it is also a product that excellent for gaming. However, it is more than a normal keyboard with its ergonomic gaming design and 104 keys on keyboard. Professionals will easily find its competitiveness compared with many wireless keyboards for a wired one reduced the lag issues. By the way, its backlights consist of three colors (blue, red, pink) and can be switched by Fn+Pad5.

Illuminated Keyboard Combo for Mac

The following illuminated products may well satisfy your demands both typing and gaming. Yet if you want to refer to keyboard without illumination you can also find more alternatives here.

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