Wireless Mouse VS Wired for Gaming

Wireless and Wired Mouse Comparison

The debate over wireless and wired mouse has been prevailing for years. Some people regard wireless mouse as an advancement of traditional mouse and are fascinated by its flexibility while others swear by wired mouse for fewer lag especially at the moment of gaming. Well, let’s go for the pros and cons of each mouse while gaming.

Wireless and Wired Mouse Comparison

Wireless mouse

Pros: Better mobility, more convenient in carrying

Cons: Interference, higher lag, battery support is needed

The ability to use a mouse without getting tangled in a cord is no doubt an attractive option. You can sit wherever comfortable in the effective range and control the laptop at your willingness. Unlike the wired mouse that may lose its connection function once something unpleasant happen to the port or cable. With a wireless one, you will never bothered by it.

Additionally, taking advantage of its wireless design, it becomes more competitive in business travel for its smaller occupation and you are free from worrying about the condition of cable when it is pressed.

Yet, we always say that when something achieves to the ultimate in some aspect, it must have sacrificed in other aspects. Due to the wireless design, it has to maintain its working condition with the help of battery and when the battery is used up you may come into problems. Also, for wireless mouse, especially engaged in gaming mode, wireless connection could lead to a large amount of lag which results in the hiccup of laptop and an interference to game.

You may find the wireless mouse sluggish when you listening to music through a set of Bluetooth headphones while typing on a Bluetooth keyboard while pointing with a Bluetooth mouse. That is the result of interference from wireless-equipped devices. In life, these interference seems inevitable and will lag the wireless mouse.

Ergonomic Wired Mouse for Gaming

Wired mouse

Pros: Better precision and response for gaming, no interference, no worry about battery life

Cons: less flexibility, less travel friendly

Though wireless mouse being made these days do lessen the difference of precision to an almost indeterminable level, many professional gamers still continue to swear by wired mice because of reduced input lag. The design of a wired mouse connecting to the laptop directly makes it almost zero lag and will definitely supports the high-end operation.

In contrast to a wireless one, wired mouse avoid the air traffic and serve for inputting with no interference. Also, as the wired mouse directly connects to the laptop, there is no worry about the battery life.

However, due to the existence of a tangible cable, your movement will be defined to the length of that cable, which seems less flexible. And apart from this you may also enter into the problem of having the cable broken or frayed in long-time intense gameplay, which seems unbearable when gaming.

Wired Gaming Mouse

Personally speaking, a wired mouse is more preferable for gaming by virtue of its less interference which seems essential for gameplay. And when you plan to use it in your business trip or for office work, a wireless one will cater to your taste.


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