High Quality Bluetooth Speaker for Samsung Galaxy S8

With the launch of Galaxy S8 drawing near, you must be excited about the new performances of it. Samsung is reportedly planning a very high screen-to-body ratio for the Galaxy S8, which means a higher percentage of the phone’s front will be occupied by display. And its removal of the iconic physical home button shiftsContinue reading “High Quality Bluetooth Speaker for Samsung Galaxy S8”

Bluetooth Speaker for Beach

No matter to give yourself a short break as a worker with heavy workload or to have a holiday as a college student so that to be refreshed after a period time of hard working, beach is always one of the optimal places you will consider. Sunbathing, surfing, holding parties these are beach holiday allContinue reading “Bluetooth Speaker for Beach”

Bluetooth Speaker for Samsung Phone

Samsung has been a magnate of cell phone for years. Its high performances in camera, hardware, and operation ensures its popularity among many people. And since Galaxy A products came into the market, Samsung has successfully made a stir to the present market again for its liable performance. As a Samsung fan, I must stateContinue reading “Bluetooth Speaker for Samsung Phone”

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Spring Break 2017

If March comes, can Spring Break be far behind? It’s already March now! Have you worked out a plan for a special and memorable holiday? Well, I think you may need a close friend that plays music for you and company you all the leisure time—-a Bluetooth speaker! Following are some affordable recommendations. 1. MoktakContinue reading “Best Bluetooth Speaker for Spring Break 2017”

Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017

Are you preparing the plan for your spring break of 2017? Where do you want to go? What are the best things you need to take on your travel? Here are some necessary recommendations for your spring break. 1.Suitable clothes Different people feeling different to the same temperature. Pick the suitable clothes for yourself. YouContinue reading “Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017”

Giveaway: EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker – Music on the go

When you need a quick and easy solution for playing music around your home or on the go, then nothing is more convenient than an EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker.  Just be ready to get surprised with the upgraded version of EasyAcc Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker, It’s more than just a sleek, polished stainless steel sheel. It has theContinue reading “Giveaway: EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker – Music on the go”

Cheap Bluetooth Speakers with Good Bass

Bluetooth speaker is the best solution to enhance the audio-visual effect, as long as you spend a small amount of money, you can enhance a grade of the sound wherever inside or outside the house. Of course, “spend a small amount of money” can only allow you to buy independent and small Bluetooth speakers, theContinue reading “Cheap Bluetooth Speakers with Good Bass”

How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker?

Since the popularity of smartphones and tablets lead great time to sell many peripheral products, including Bluetooth devices highly respected for its convenience. In recent years, Bluetooth speakers with lightning speed swept the entire audio market, music enthusiasts also spend lots of money. Intelligent equipment has the vast base of the market, so that the majorContinue reading “How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker?”

Best Wireless Speakers for TV

Are you a TV show lover? Do you enjoy killing time with your family and friends just sitting before the TV set? If your answer is “yes”, maybe you are in the market for a high quality wireless speaker which lets you enjoy crystal clear TV sound, right next to your favorite chair or sofa.Continue reading “Best Wireless Speakers for TV”

Best Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

While Bluetooth speaker is being widely used, Wi-Fi streaming is fast becoming the new listening standard. Wi-Fi speaker is favored by users for several reasons: it has high sound quality and is able to stream music to multi-rooms and to play online music, which outperforms Bluetooth speakers. However, the Wi-Fi Bluetooth speaker combines the functionsContinue reading “Best Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker”