Best iPad 9.7 2018 Cases with Pencil Holder (5 typical kinds)

Apple’s newest 2018 iPad is actually the 2017 version with a faster processor and support for the Apple Pencil which lets you draw on the screen with remarkable accuracy. This magical pencil ($99; $89 for schools) is pricey and worth to be well protected. Therefore, when you choose the case for your iPad 9.7 2018,Continue reading “Best iPad 9.7 2018 Cases with Pencil Holder (5 typical kinds)”

Giveaway: win a 9.7-inch Apple iPad smart case from EasyAcc

Reportedly the sales on iPads even the whole market of tablets have dipped in recent years, in fact, iPad line annually updates the features and spares no effort on improving the productivity and creativity, like the retina screen, thinner and lighter body, more comfortable holding size 9.7-inch etc.  The new iPad 2017 released earlier thisContinue reading “Giveaway: win a 9.7-inch Apple iPad smart case from EasyAcc”

Best Apple iPad 9.7 Cases

Earlier this year Apple released the special edition of red iPhone 7/7 Plus and new iPad 9.7-inch 2017 simultaneously , the new anticipated product line has drew much public attention and meet the expectation.  To be compared with the iPad Pro 9.7-inch which came out last year, the new iPad is the most affordable AppleContinue reading “Best Apple iPad 9.7 Cases”