Best Charge Cables for Travel: Why Smaller is Better

In this case, size does matter, and smaller is better! In this post, we explain how smaller charge cables are spatially efficient, save you time, and work better for charging on the go.

Nobody likes that feeling when you’ve left for the airport already and we can’t help but think that you’ve left something important behind. For me, that’s often my charging cables. We don’t realize how important they are until we’re left with dead devices, cutting off major communication ways and necessary apps like GPS or translate.

Believe it or not, not all charging cords were created equal. While there might be some tempting, fun colored or outrageously cheap cord options online, cheap cables have been known to cause fire, mutilation, and even death. But not to worry, we have some cool and safe charging cables for you to check out. Just make sure you keep a second one in your purse or suitcase, so you never forget it.


Let’s go over some reasons why smaller is better when you’re on the go.

Short charging cables take up less space in your travel bags. Space is of the essence while traveling, and there is no point in taking up carry-on room with an 8 foot cord. Keep things simple and dial it all the way down to a 0.5 foot charge cord, which can easily be kept in a compartment of your bag, your wallet, or even your pocket. And because of its 180 degree flexibility, you can keep your phone and your power bank in your pocket, and connect them with this cord, without worrying about it ever catching or getting stuck on anything.


Short charging cables never get tangled, saving you time. Let’s say you’ve just landed and turned your phone back on (because you’re supposed to turn it off for take-off and landing!), and you notice it’s on its last 10%. You still need to call your taxi or Uber, let people know that you’ve landed, and look for a good place in the area to get some food, all of which requires your cellular device alive and well. After a long flight, the last thing you want to be doing is untangling some long cord so that you can charge your phone back to life. EasyAcc’s advanced silicone coating means no knots or winding, even with the other items you keep in your bag. Simply take the cord out from one of the easy access places we described above, quick charge, and enjoy the rest of your travels.


So next time you’re traveling, or even for when you’re out of the house and on the go, keep a small charging cable from EasyAcc around to save space, time, and frustration. EasyAcc makes cords for most devices, including Samsung, Sony, Google phones, HTC, LG, Kindle, and Apple.

This post was written by the folks from and, both of which are review websites that cover popular consumer products.


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