Best Charge Cables for Travel: Why Smaller is Better

In this case, size does matter, and smaller is better! In this post, we explain how smaller charge cables are spatially efficient, save you time, and work better for charging on the go. Nobody likes that feeling when you’ve left for the airport already and we can’t help but think that you’ve left something importantContinue reading “Best Charge Cables for Travel: Why Smaller is Better”

Mother’s Day around the world

  Mothers Day, that’s a special day in the honor of mothers, though celebrated on different dates around the world.   In a large number of countries including US, Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. While, there are different cases. Mothers Day is celebrated in an entirely different time of theContinue reading “Mother’s Day around the world”

Best Holiday Gifts – For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right here. Happy Mother’s Day!!! Though you can’t put a price on love, everyone, I believe, likes a gift.  If you still haven’t found best holiday gifts for upcoming Mother’s Day yet, welcome to our 2016 Best Holiday Gifts Guide – Mother’s Day Featured. We’ve rounded up the best of the best holidayContinue reading “Best Holiday Gifts – For Mother’s Day”

What’s the best holiday tech under $25

We have  more than 12 holidays in one year, which means there are more than one holiday in a month. So for under $25 it’s a perfect gift just to give to someone randomly because $25 is enough for some holiday tech gifts.     Related holiday tech gifts under $25 are: Quirky Cordies Cable: reading “What’s the best holiday tech under $25”

What’s the best holiday tech under $1

Hello, what can you get for only a dollar? Here is a video about what’s the best holiday tech under $1. Hope you guys will find the best holiday gifts. Let’s start with the video. You will get numerous gift guides from tons of different price about the best holiday gifts guides. But, when one askedContinue reading “What’s the best holiday tech under $1”