Should I purchase the newest Powerbeats Pro ?

          Are  you  looking  forward the release of  the  new -brand iPhone ?  But  Apple CEO Tim Cook will probably unveil the  brand-new iPhone in less than  weeks. Oddly, many of the rumors, but  we will see.This time ,Let’s have a look about Powerbeats Pro.This  wonderful totally wireless  earphones attract so many loyal customers.Besides,the wait is almost over if you’ve been holding out for Powerbeats Pro to launch in any color but black. Powerbeats will release the three new colors versions next week.Customers can purchase Beats Powerbeats Pro in navy, ivory, and moss starting August 22nd.  By the way, Which color do you prefer 😀   Have not decide yet to purchase Powerbeats pro?Here is everything you need to know!






According to the publishment  from Apple,This is a fully wireless headset tailored for the athletes. it has a sport look to it, while still being practical enough to wear around outside the gym. With adjustable anti-slip earhooks and earphones of different sizes, it can adapt to any high-intensity movement without loosening. The enhanced anti-sweat and water resistance design combined with excellent endurance will give you a better training experience.  Powerbeats Pro headphones borrow a lot of good quality from AirPods 2, including H1 chip, Hey Siri support, charging case design (but the case itself does not support wireless charging), automatic in-ear detection and microphones for talking.The PowerBeats Pro have a center playback control button where the Beats logo is around  each of  two earbuds ,plus a volume rocker.That means you can control your music with whichever hand is free. Gladly ,the Pro is  rather  comfortable, which makes you feel good when you are listening to music.Apple announced that the PowerBeats can last up to nine hours in between charges and store about two charges in the case.  But the PowerBeats Pro have a 24-hour battery and should last a few days between charges – a claim to be fairly accurate during testing, getting two and a half charges from the case with about eight-or-so hours of use per charge.



There is comparison between Apple Airpods and Powerbeats pro about the appearance.PowerBeats Pro’s design is too much than Airpods. So , if you want to lay down to listen to music wearing the headphones, it will push the rearbud into the ear canal,which makes you feel uncomfortable and  stressful.In this terms, I would prefer the simplest one .




If you are an athlete or sports enthusiasts , the Powerbeats pro is perfect for you.As we all know, when we have a strong movements, we actually can’t concentrate to listen to what we want.Sound was our top priority.Powerbeats pro solve this kind of problem perfectly.It boast powerful, balanced audio thanks to an entirely redesigned acoustic package that delivers pure sound reproduction, enhanced clarity, and improved dynamic range,which prevent from the noise from the outside.These earphones were also crafted with a focus on ergonomic comfort to give you the best listening experience possible.


Besides, Why shoud you choose Powerbeats pro? There is too much convenience on it.You can control the audio left or right or both.Each earbud has full volume and track controls so you don’t need your iPhone or other device to adjust your music. Are you ready to go exercise? Auto Play/Pause sensors has sense of everything.And with voice-assistant capability on a variety of compatible devices, you can stay in the zone.


The powerbeats pro is not just earphone, it also can help us communicate more effectively.Do you wanna talk with your friends when you are  running, just  say “Hey Siri” for voice-activated assistance without having to reach for your iPhone.Powered by the new Apple H1 headphone chip, Powerbeats Pro deliver a faster and more stable wireless connection to your devices.

Powerbeats Pro are ready to go when you are.The wireless earphones offer extended range and fewer dropouts  with Class 1 Bluetooth technology.No matter how you keep moving, it can  stay connected .A voice accelerometer and multiple microphones target your voice and filter out external noise. They instantly set up—just open the case and hold near your iPhone—and then automatically connect to your Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.




The PowerBeats Pro ‘s price: $249.95 is  available and come in four colors – Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy – all of which come with a matching charging case.

Obviously ,that’s much expensive  compared to the Apple AirPods, currently on sale for $159 / £159 / AU$249 / AED 679, and far more expensive than the basic PowerBeats 3 that can usually be found online for under $100/£100. 



We already have known the big advantages of Powbeats pro. But we also need to hear something  different from customers. I  hope that these reviews can make you have a   correct choice.Don’t  waste your money in case that you received something disappoint you. Someone criticized that the  the charging case they come with is pretty chunky, and doesn’t fit the clean-cut look of the earphones themselves. And  When you go outside,  this chunky case is hardly  to put your pocket.Anyway, I  honestly think that it is worthwhile to have it for sports lovers and  music fans.


Powerbeats Pro – Totally Wireless Earphones – Black






Should I purchase the newest Powerbeats Pro ?》有2个想法

  1. They’re more clunky and expensive than the Apple AirPods, so it’s a definite pass by me. But I’m sure there are enough Beats fans out there ready to scoop them up even at this high price.


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