Is iPad Pro 2020 the best laptop replacement?

Although Apple may seldom admit that, its newly released iPad Pro 2020 has been a big step closer to be a laptop replacement. Back in the year 2012, when Microsoft launched its Surface tablet-laptop hybrid, Apple just rejected the idea and was fully optimistic about iPads and iMacs. But as new features were added likeContinue reading “Is iPad Pro 2020 the best laptop replacement?”

What is the best Gooseneck Tablet Stand?

Are you addicted at playing  living stream video? Youtuber is a popular profession that many youngers are pursued. As a YouTube content creator, you need  to carry a portable Tablet or smartphone stand in that you can work more smoothly. Not only  can we use the gooseneck tablet or smartphone stand in the internet workingContinue reading “What is the best Gooseneck Tablet Stand?”

Best Tablet for Web Browsing 2017

When comes to buy a tablet, there are many aspects we have to consider. Generally, according to different needs, its performance, battery life, screen quality, storage and the like should be taken into account. For these, selecting a tablet best for you seems not an easy thing especially for those who are the first timeContinue reading “Best Tablet for Web Browsing 2017”

Best Android Tablet for Gaming

Nowadays, people like to use smartphone for very use, music listening, game playing, book reading, shopping and so on. As for most of the game player, the most annoying thing might be the failure due to the too limited screen of a smartphone. Then you might be considering for using a larger screen device, likeContinue reading “Best Android Tablet for Gaming”