Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone

 The new iPhone 7 line provides up to 256 GB storage, which makes it perfect for home and outdoor entertainment with stored music and video files. For the concern of quick connection and portability, wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the best choice to meet the requirements. There are a number of categories and options on the audio market at different price interval, we wrapped up the related information and make a summary of the best portable Bluetooth speakers for iPhone.

1. EasyAcc Mini 2 

As an upgraded version of the 1st Gen. Bluetooth Speaker, it keeps the classical design but features with more powerful and stronger bass. The mini size makes it  ultra-portable, it’ll fit in a side pocket or bottle holder with ease. Up to 10 hours playtime extends your leisure joy for outdoor trips. Another trick for the new released product goes to the multi-device pairing technology, which lets you pair with 2 Bluetooth device simultaneously, the 1st connected device owns the priority to synchronize with the speaker, however, when the other device interferes, the speaker will straightly take and execute the order from it.

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2. Logitech UE ROLL

Besides the good-looking and long playtime, what other features you will consider more when it comes to purchase a portable Bluetooth speaker for iPhone? NFC, definitely not. As iPhone doesn’t support this tech it’s still missing from quite a lot of models, It’s more of a nice-to-have. I will vote for waterproof, which keeps you worry-free while swimming, raining or taking a shower. Logitech UE ROLL is waterproof for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter. The sound quality is quite impressive, it also has an app you can install in you iPhone to completely control playback afar. The upgraded version UE ROLL 2 goes online as well, which makes the 1st generation more affordable with lower price. 

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3.JBL Flip 2

JBL brand is famous for its clear and strong sound, despite the specs are not so outstanding, the Flip series were still ranked as one of the most popular portable Bluetooth speakers for iPhone. 5 hours playtime, solid sound quality, compact design. If you are spoiled by the sound of full-size home audio speakers and not satisfied with mini size speakers’ sound quality, you can definitely give a try for this one.

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4.Bose SoundLink

Don’t let the SoundLink Color speaker’s small size fool you. It may be compact, but it delivers a satisfying listening experience. 8 hours playtime, it’s quite durable and easy to use. As a famous audio brand, Bose release this product to leverage it’s well-known bass tech and make a perfect combination with light weight and mini size.

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