Can You Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to Apple Devices?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus was finally released on Tuesday alongside the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip. Though it looks identical to the original one, its inside is of much difference, such as the longer battery life and the upgraded two-way drivers. One other noteworthy change is multi-device pairing, or Bluetooth multipoint. ThisContinue reading “Can You Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to Apple Devices?”

How to choose the right laptop bag case ?

Nearly everyone needs a  laptop for working. Most of time we move from many of places with the laptop. Whether you are writing over cappuccions in a coffee shop ,drafting a presentation on a plane or editing the photo , we need the  laptop bag case on the go.We  must have in mind that howContinue reading “How to choose the right laptop bag case ?”

Does Galaxy Z Flip have screen crease?

Galaxy Z Flip foldable, Samsung’s second generation foldable phone is going to be released on February 11, right after 2 days. As a clamshell foldable, Galaxy Z Flip has many more advantages over Motorola Razr, which also features a flip phone design. But considering the drawbacks we’ve already seen on previous foldables, we may wonderContinue reading “Does Galaxy Z Flip have screen crease?”

Do Samsung Galaxy S20 Series support microSD?

Samsung Galaxy S20 series are due to be showing up at the Unpacked event scheduled for February 11th , together with the foldable Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Buds Plus. Now with so much leaks and rumors about the flagship series, we are almost certain that Samsung is going to surprise us with theContinue reading “Do Samsung Galaxy S20 Series support microSD?”

Is Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof?

After months of guesses and predictions towards Samsung Galaxy S20, we are finally days to go before it is launched in February 11 this year. Three devices are expected to show up: Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Since a number of information has been leaked to fans, some may be concernedContinue reading “Is Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof?”

Does Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus have longer battery life?

We’ve seen plenty of leaks and rumors about Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for months over its design, price and function. But the most noticeable leaks come from a post published by the well-known tipster Evan Blass, which compares Galaxy Buds Plus and its predecessor in details. From that comparison, the most prominent difference is that theContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus have longer battery life?”

Will Apple Have Foldable Phones?

In a latest essay published by Android Authority, Apple is presumed to create a foldable phone in the future. The prediction is based on a new patent filed by Apple, which designes a hinge used to reduce and even eliminate creasing problems on foldables. However, just like what the author pointed out, a patent doesContinue reading “Will Apple Have Foldable Phones?”

Does Oneplus 7T Pro have Pop-up camera

For girls, the  multifunctional camera is the most important factor when purchasing a smartphone and taking beautiful photos is an enjoyable thing when we travel outside. Smartphone is much more convenient than digital cameral. There are several good camera phones in 2019,  such as :Apple iPhone 11,Huawei P30 Pro,Samsung Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7T Pro.Continue reading “Does Oneplus 7T Pro have Pop-up camera”

Will Samsung Galaxy S20 feature a 120Hz display?

Rumor has it that Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship will be called S20 instead of S11, which might be related to the year 2020. The new smartphone will have a bunch of changes, and for those who are interested in smoother user experience, Galaxy S20’s jump to 120Hz in display refresh rate is not negligible. Actually, SamsungContinue reading “Will Samsung Galaxy S20 feature a 120Hz display?”

What is the best desk fan for the year 2020?

When talking about the method of cooling down, we usually have a variety of choices at hand. But because the daily life of modern people is mostly related to office, desk or home, desk fan has become what many of us will buy without hesitation. If you are going to have a new desk fanContinue reading “What is the best desk fan for the year 2020?”