Can you use old S pen on Galaxy Z Fold 3?

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be the best productivity-focused foldable that you can buy in the current market. It is water-resistant for the first time, and the display is 80% tougher than the predecessors. Opening up the massive 7.6-inch screen, you’re able to use the new S pen to take down notes, draw, orContinue reading “Can you use old S pen on Galaxy Z Fold 3?”

Does Galaxy Z Flip 3 support fast charging?

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is undoubtedly the best clamshell foldable you can buy at the present, with both specs and designs upgrading over its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip. It has a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 8GB RAM, 128GB or 256GB storage, and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. When flipped open, it has a 6.7-inchContinue reading “Does Galaxy Z Flip 3 support fast charging?”

Does Galaxy Buds 2 fall out of your ears easily?

If you like listening to music while running, a pair of lightweight and durable wireless earbuds is a must-have. Since Galaxy Buds 2 is just released, with a lot of premium features and a good price, you may wonder if it is suitable for workout. Well, that depends, considering the improvements Galaxy Buds 2 haveContinue reading “Does Galaxy Buds 2 fall out of your ears easily?”

Can you connect Galaxy Buds 2 with an Android phone?

Galaxy Buds 2 are super powerful earbuds with a small and lightweight design, active noise cancelling technology, IPX2 water resistance rating, and 7.5 hours of continuous playback. What’s more, they’re rather compelling in $150 compared with Apple AirPods, Beats Studio Buds and the like. Since you’ve already owned an Android phone or iPhone, here comesContinue reading “Can you connect Galaxy Buds 2 with an Android phone?”

Does Galaxy Z Fold 3 have micro SD or eSIM?

The newly released Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a big improvement over the previous two foldables, Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Coming with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, S pen support, IPX8 water resistance rating, much stronger hinge and screen, Galaxy Z Fold 3 becomes the first non-experimental foldable smartphoneContinue reading “Does Galaxy Z Fold 3 have micro SD or eSIM?”

Can you connect Galaxy Watch 4 to iPhone?

Samsung is intended to strengthen its fusion with Andoid, according to the Google co-designed Wear OS 3. Having been in the wearable market for years, the company is still being complained about its limited third-party apps, despite a fantastic base experience. The cooperation with Google this time will make it more convenient to connect GalaxyContinue reading “Can you connect Galaxy Watch 4 to iPhone?”

Does Galaxy Watch 4 support fast charging?

Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic during the newest Galaxy Unpacked Event, which are both built on Google and Samsung’s co-developed smartwatch platform, Wear OS 3. The two watches feature similar specs, but they have different design language for different users. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a sporty one withContinue reading “Does Galaxy Watch 4 support fast charging?”

Does Galaxy Tab S7 FE come with S-Pen?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fan Edition was released in order to set “a new standard of making uncomprimising flagship innovations accessible to as many people as possible”, according to the company in the launch event. However, it may have let many Galaxy fans down for some of its missing features, such as low-refresh rate LCDContinue reading “Does Galaxy Tab S7 FE come with S-Pen?”

Does Samsung Galaxy A52 5G support micro SD memory card or dual SIM?

With its convenience and flexibility, micro SD external storage is still loved by many people. Though we’ve seen not few of Samsung flagships have ditched this feature, such as Galaxy S21, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note 20, and Note 10, this time Samsung didn’t let us down on the Galaxy A52 5G. Like its siblings A50/A51Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy A52 5G support micro SD memory card or dual SIM?”

Does Samsung Galaxy A52 5G have long battery life and fast charging?

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a mid-tier smartphone just released to supplement the high-end lines like Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is less than half of the price of S21 series, but does that mean it is only half as good? Not really. Galaxy A52 5G remains some premium features without extra cost, including 5G connectivity,Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy A52 5G have long battery life and fast charging?”