Does iPhone 14 have IR blaster

Apple has packed the new iPhone 14 series with some technical improvements, such as the TrueDepth camera, satellite communications, and the powerful A16 Bionic chip on the premium Pro models. Despite that, the new iPhones still lack one hardware feature: IR blaster.

What is IR blaster?

The full name of IR blaster is “infrared blaster”, which blasts out infrared light that can be received by the sensor in relevant remotes like a TV, audio receiver, and DVD player. There has ever been a short period when a lot of Android smartphones are equipped with IR blaster, but now it’s difficult to find a phone like that. As for Apple, it has never added IR blaster on its iPhones, let alone the new iPhone 14 series.

Can you add IR blaster on your iPhone 14?

Although iPhone 14 series don’t come with an IR blaster, and they can’t be used for older, non-WiFi devices, you can use an IR dongle that plugs into the Lightning port as a replacement. If you think it a bit of inconvenient, Apple also allows you to control various home devices with its HomeKit.

HomeKit is Apple’s own smart home platform, which allows you to control various internet-connected home devices like thermostats, plugs, window blinds, light bulbs and more. All you need to do is to use apps on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or simple Siri voice commands.

How to set up HomeKit

  • Open up the Home app on any of your iOS devices
  • Tap on the Add Accessory button
  • Follow the steps after it opens up to the rear camera

Apple offers a full list of HomeKit-compatible devices on its website, and the real magic comes when you use several of them all at once with automations or scenes so that they activate automatically. Other brands also offer products that “work with Apple HomeKit”, with labels on the packaging to make it clear that they support HomeKit.


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