Does Google Pixel 4a have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?

It is almost confirmed that Google Pixel 4a will come out in May, the same time when Pixel 3a was revealed at Google I/O, albeit it may be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The late 2019 release brought lots of new technology to Google’s phones and the smartphone market as well: 90Hz display, MotionContinue reading “Does Google Pixel 4a have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?”

Will iPhone 12 series support 5G?

  Apple just unveiled the new iPhone SE 2020, despite the company has already shut down on limited capacity due to the prevailing of COVID-19. That may indicate that the iPhone 12 series are still on schedule. According to multiple leaks, the upcoming iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Max (possibly four models by someContinue reading “Will iPhone 12 series support 5G?”

Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have eSIM technology?

It has been confirmed that the OnePlus 8/ 8 Pro will be launching on April 14, and it is expected to have many new features, such as waterproof and super-fast wireless charging. Will it also support eSIM, the latest popular technology? Since the company has hinted many times about OnePlus 8’s eSIM feature, and itContinue reading “Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have eSIM technology?”

Is iPad Pro 2020 the best laptop replacement?

Although Apple may seldom admit that, its newly released iPad Pro 2020 has been a big step closer to be a laptop replacement. Back in the year 2012, when Microsoft launched its Surface tablet-laptop hybrid, Apple just rejected the idea and was fully optimistic about iPads and iMacs. But as new features were added likeContinue reading “Is iPad Pro 2020 the best laptop replacement?”

Is Apple’s Magic Keyboard compatible with all iPad models?

Right on March 18, Apple unveiled a new MacBook Air and a new generation of iPad Pros together with the Magic Keyboard. The Keyboard has three new standouts: a smooth angle hinge that allows the iPad Pro to adjust up to 130 degrees, a trackpad which has been leaked long before the launch date, andContinue reading “Is Apple’s Magic Keyboard compatible with all iPad models?”

How does ToF camera work on iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max?

We are almost certain that the iPhone 12 series are going to be released this fall. And according to the source of 9to5Mac, there is code “d5x” that refers to two of three devices as having a ToF camera. Considering the iPhone 11 series goes by “d4x”, we know that only the iPhone 12 Pro andContinue reading “How does ToF camera work on iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max?”

Does Apple iPad Pro 2020 support fast charging?

The new Apple iPad Pro 2020 would be released in Match 2020, with no more than a month left till now. Because it’s been two years since the iPad Pro 2018 launch, the 2020 version is bound to come with many leaks and rumors, including an A13X processor, a triple-lens camera on the rear, andContinue reading “Does Apple iPad Pro 2020 support fast charging?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have 3.5mm headphone jack?

Ever since Apple iPhone 7 ditched 3.5mm headphone jack in September 2016, many Android manufacturers follow suit and make it the trend over the whole industry. Samsung, as one of the smartphone giants, is praised for its sticking to this little jack on the flagships for many years. And since Samsung Galaxy S10 still keptContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have 3.5mm headphone jack?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have IR blaster?

Samsung just unveiled its most anticipated  flagship – the Galaxy S20 series on February,2020. the Galaxy S20 phones come straight out of a Samsung recipe book: amazing screens, high-end specs, an ultra-premium design with narrow bezels and curved edges, and three cameras. As we all know ,Starting with the Galaxy S7 series, Samsung ditched the IR blaster on its devices for good.Samsung Galaxy S10Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have IR blaster?”

Should you upgrade to Galaxy S20?

Now it has been days after Samsung Galaxy S20 series were released. If you have  Galaxy S9 or S10, you may want to upgrade to the newest version. Should you  really do that?  The fact is, if you are happy with your current phone, don’t feel it necessary to upgrade to the new one; ifContinue reading “Should you upgrade to Galaxy S20?”