Is AirTag compatible with Android?

Apple just released its new object tracker AirTag, which aims to be attached to your keys, bags, or any other things that you constantly lose track of. AirTag works with Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Apple also annouced that the device must be iOS 14.5, which will be released later this month. However,Continue reading “Is AirTag compatible with Android?”

Do AirPods Max work with Android?

Designed for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, can you take advantage of AirPods Max even if you are an Android user or have both Apple and Android devices? The answer is yes, though not in the way you’d want expensive headphones to work.  What work and won’t work with Android? Some things will work,Continue reading “Do AirPods Max work with Android?”

How to download podcasts on Android

More and more people like listening podcasts for some reason such as relaxing their eyes, saving time by listening to podcasts while doing other things and so on. If you are a new starter and an Android user, you may need to read this article and learn how to download podcasts on Android. What isContinue reading “How to download podcasts on Android”

Best Android Tablet for Gaming

Nowadays, people like to use smartphone for very use, music listening, game playing, book reading, shopping and so on. As for most of the game player, the most annoying thing might be the failure due to the too limited screen of a smartphone. Then you might be considering for using a larger screen device, likeContinue reading “Best Android Tablet for Gaming”

Best Phone App, 5 cool Android + iPhone Apps 2016

What is phone app? A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.    1. Jodel – iOS – Android   2. The Cleaner [I have used this app, really nice] – Android   3. CheapCharts  – iOS   4. FramedContinue reading “Best Phone App, 5 cool Android + iPhone Apps 2016”

Tricks To Extend Android Battery Life

  Mange Vibrations and sounds to save android battery Talk about vibrations and sound, these two should work in alternation especially when it comes to incoming calls, of what use is the vibration if your android phone can ring out loud? Just turn it(vibration) off please and save that battery life, in any settings whereContinue reading “Tricks To Extend Android Battery Life”

Top 5 Android battery drain app

As we talked before, iPhone and Android devices have some tips on how to extend battery life. Let’s go deep in finding reasons, read on to find which battery drain app consuming battery most.   In AVG’s latest quarterly Android App Performance Report, the online security company studied one million of its users to see which apps were the most resource-consuming (data, battery andContinue reading “Top 5 Android battery drain app”