Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 2017

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

What kinda of keyboard is best for gaming, especially for an entry-level gamer? Well, answers vary. Well, I wanna say that you don’t need have the best one, but you definitely need a good one, some featuring tactile feel, high responsiveness, cool backlighting, wrist rest, or even water resistance, etc. If so, how about the budget? How about the price under $50? If interested, keep going and don’t forget to leave a comment!

#5 Razer Deathstalker Essential

$50 Razer

The Deathstalker Essential is surely one of the best gaming keyboard under $50, though it’s not a mechanical keyboard and also not equipped with the cool RGB backlighting. 

Well, if you’re looking for a quiet membrane (rubber dome) keyboard, the Deathstalker Essential is definitely the top one to consider. 

While, one small downside is the fact that the Deathstalker easily gets dirty with grime or grease from your fingers. 

Buy at Amazon: $36 USD

Pros Cons          Specs                           
Low-Profile Keys Laser Engraved

Easily Gets Grime

10-Key Rollover No Backlighting          Rubber Dome
Comfortable Wrist Rest            18.4 x 8.4 x 1.1 inches
             1.9 pounds


#4 Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo [2017 Model]

Gaming Keyboards Havit

Havit is a relatively new brand, but their 2017 Model keyboard + mouse combo seems a great buy for under $50, though over 20% of users have complained about not having used longer than few months for poor quality. Yes, it’s a combo and you really can’t beat the price if you need a new mouse at the same time.

Both the keyboard and the mouse feature cool backlighting of four color, red, blue, purple and pink, which I think to some extent could make up its membrane instruction. One downside is that when you battle with the keyboard, you may feel not that fluent and fast responsive. 

Pros Cons          Specs                           
19-Key Rollover [Keyboard] Poor Gaming Feel [Keyboard]          Wired 
Backlighting [Keyboard] No thumb buttons [Mouse]          Rubber Dome
4 adjustable DPI, up to 2400 [Mouse]  Poor quality for longer use         18.3 x 7.9 x 0.8 inches
             2 pounds

Buy at Amazon: $31.99 USD


#3 Redragon KUMARA K552

Keyboards Under $50 Redragon

When you’re looking for a gaming keyboard, few of you will miss the Redragon K552, cool backlighting and super price under $50 for mechanical keyboard.

Redragon KUMARA K552 is a tenkeyless, which, I think, could be great for anyone who is working with limited desk space. 

As a mechanical switches, Redragon K552 has done a good job during the test period, with high responsiveness and a tactile feedback, which I think is more similar but better than the blue switches. 

Overall, the design is nice and the backlighting is cool, though it’s only single color (red) and can’t be changed. 

Buy at Amazon: $36.99 USD

Pros Cons          Specs                           
87 Standard Keyboard Single Color Backlighting          Wired
Red LED Backlighting Not a Cherry Green Switch Equivalent          Mechanical Keyboard
Nice price for a mechanical keyboard Relatively small keys         13.9 x 4.8 x 1.5 inches
             12.1 pounds


#2 Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Well, when it comes to gaming keyboards, the GK100 from Redimp is a new face to all his competitors and all gamers though, it takes the high ground on the functions. 

Though it is not a mechanical keyboard, GK100 is featured to mimic a mechanical switch with the floating keys for faster responsiveness and tactile key presses, no matter whether you’re engaging in an online battle or work. And at the same time, considering that, GK100 has specially designed wrist rest and contoured keycaps to offer you maximum comfort.

When you are fracking with online battle in a three-zone LED backlighting aura, what to do if spilling or pouring a cup of coffee or tea? Game over in advance? Nope!!! As GK100 is featured with 5 drain holes on the back and the membrane keycaps are completely sealed, it can be well liquid resistant. 

Pros Cons Specs
Membrane-Mechanical Switch A Little Heavier Wired
Rainbow of LED Backlit Not RGB Rubber Dome
Wrist Rest & Contoured Keycaps   17.5 x 7.5 1.7 inches
19 Keys Rollover   2.4 pounds
Water Resistance    

Now it’s 20% off with the promo code “REDIMP11” for $19.99.

And if you prefer to a RGB one, also 20% off with the promo code “REDIMP12” for $23.99.


#1 Corsair K55

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

Corsair’s K55 is a full-size plank with a dedicated numpad on the right and half a dozen macro keys on the left. Though it is not a mechanical keyboard, its mechanical similar tactile feedback only sacrifices on the price under $50.

Also its RGB is very nice which allows you to choose between multicolor static backlighting or immersive lighting effects. Besides, a more important point for gamers is that Corsair K55 assigns single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the 6 dedicated macro keys, on-the-fly.

Pros Cons          Specs                           
RGB Backlighting Poor Wrist Rest         Wired
6 Programmable Macro Keys           Rubber Dome
            18.9 x 6.6 x 1.4 inches
            1.8 pounds

Buy at Amazon: $49.99 USD

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    1. Thanks for your support on our first model, Nina.
      And we’ll show you more great and amazing products soon:)

    1. Yeah, K55 has done a great job on its performance and durability, so it tops on our recommendation list:)

  1. The corsair k55 is really packed with features that are great for gaming, although not mechanical keys. I would choose it over the others.

    1. Yeah, Corsair has shown us so many awesome computer peripherals, but it’s a little expensive for my budget:)

  2. Great line up for the budget conscious PC enthusiasts among us. Will definitely reference in the near future as the current keyboard is starting to look and feel a little sad!

  3. RGB keyboards are getting cheaper.. impressive!
    I like the Corsair keyboard though the Havit looks so cool
    thanks for the comparison

  4. Looks nice. Can’t wait to see what one of these mechanical keyboards feels like. I imagine it to be quite satisfying.

  5. I really don’t need a fancy expensive multi coloured keyboard. Although the water resistant one I could use as I drink a lot while using my computer.

  6. #2 Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

    this one is very good as it can be washed with water. the keyboard is one computer hardware that the user interacts the most, so it is very likely that it will get dirty very fast. so cleaning it with water is really very useful as it is very easy to wash with it

  7. Well, I was searching a site which reviewed gaming keyboard for those who have the limit. You reviewed the best affordable gaming keyboards. Great post-Wendy.


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