Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2017


Game lovers always spend a lot of time and money searching for and buying excellent keyboards, mice, headsets and high-refresh displays in order to get better gaming experience. However, mouse pad, which is easy to be forgotten by gamers, can also make a difference. In this article,the editor recommends Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2017 for you. Which one do you prefer?


1. Roccat Taito Control
Sold at only $14.99 dollars on Amazon, Roccat Taito Control has a better performance than what the price shows. Made of rubber composites and synthetic fabrics, it is one of the best classic cloth mouse pads which provide a smooth, consistent and durable surface. While the surface gives the gamer pin-point accuracy and smooth and steady mouse actions, the rubberized back side provides them with excellent grip and no-slip security. It will be your good partner while playing games.


2. Corsair MM300 Extended
Looking at this product, you will first be impressed by its cool and fashionable appearance—-the combination of two classic colors, black and grey, is going to excite you even before you turn on your PC. Once you use it, you’ll find the textile-weave surface provides pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking, which totally meets your need for superior control while playing games. Additionally, since stitched-edges are applied, this type of pads is also quite durable. What’s more, just like Roccat Taito Control, it costs $14.99 on Amazon, which is an affordable price.


3. Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris
Sold at $40.99, Corsair MM800 Polaris is more expensive than Corsair MM300 Extended. You guys may wonder what makes it expensive.Well, first of all, it has 15 very bright LEDs. While a light up mouse pad raises some eyebrows, it also raises the price.Besides, it features a high quality micro-textured finish which enables the mouse to slide precisely. What’s more, it provides a USB pass through port to plug in your mouse, which is rather convenient. To know more about this luxurious mouse pad, click here to watch a review video from YouTube.


4. Turtle Beach Drift
The beauty of Turtle Beach Drift lies in its simplicity; the pleasant red Turtle Beach logo gives it a little zest. Besides, it features an ultra-smooth surface for fast, precise mouse movement which is critical to game players. Additionally, it also has an anti-slip rubber base and anti-fraying stitched edges; this makes it not move easily and quite durable. As to price, the prices range from $13.99 to $19.99 according to different sizes.


5. Razer Firefly
To achieve the perfect balance between speed and control, Razer Firefly features a cloth surface that gives you pin-point accuracy and comfort, which enables you to enjoy the ultimate precision during the most action-packed gaming duels.Besides, the lad-tested textured weave delivers enhanced in-game responsiveness no matter which kind of mouse you are using.Still more, it provides you with 16.8 million colors and many different customizable lighting effects, which makes the mouse quite cool and special. With all the above features, the price of $49.99 seems acceptable.Click here to watch a short video about Razer Firefly.


6. Razer Vespula
Razer Vespula is the only one of the recommendations that features a soft gel-filled wrist rest which protects your wrist from injury and fatigue, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions like never before. Besides, it features a nonslip design and a reversible surface—-one side makes it stay at where it is, the other offers a smooth feel. Sold at 34.99, it is of moderate price on the list.


7. SteelSeries QcKGaming Mouse Pad
SteelSeries QcK is the cheapest one on the list—-it costs only $9.99 on Amazon. Cheap as it is, the quality is not bad. The white SteelSeries logo in the corner makes it cute and suitable for young people. As to size, is small enough for a desktop and thick enough to support your wrist. Besides, it has a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses for your option. So you can choose one according to your own needs. What’s more, the smooth surface enables you to slid your mouse quickly and precisely in gameplay.


Well, above are the 7 recommendations for Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2017, which one is your cup of tea? For more information, click the link in this article, and you can also surf the internet for more information. Enjoy your game with an excellent mouse pad!


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